My Zoeller pump is fifteen years old and is still running. It runs daily because of the high water table surrounding the house. I am thinking it may be time to buy another one just in case my pump decides it is too old to work any longer. On the other hand, maybe I can get more years of use from it, since I found other customer reviews stating their Zoeller M53 is still running after twenty-three years.

Why does the Zoeller M53 last so long? Out of curiosity I called Zoeller and talked with one of their engineers. They take pride in the pumps they build; all parts are made in the United States; they pressure test each pump before it leaves the plant. They truly care that the purchaser is more than satisfied and that the pump works.

The Zoeller engineer explained that construction material used in the pump makes a big difference and the greater the horse power the stronger and more durable the material must be. The pump housing for the M53 is made of cast iron for durability and dissipation of heat generated for continuous running during high water flow periods. Even the glass-filled impeller has been strengthened with a metal insert. This certainly is beyond the requirements of a 1/3 HP pump which the M53 is. The shaft is made of ceramic carbonate which is stronger than the standard reinforced thermoplastic or stainless steel used by competitors. Likewise the Neoprene Hermetic permanent seals are stronger than the standard Buna N used by competitors.

The design of the M53 also adds to its quality. Rather than use a screen to prevent small spherical objects from causing obstruction to the impeller and presenting the possibility of clogging, the vortex design of the impeller handles up to ½ inch spherical solids. Zoeller has designed this pump to meet the needs of many homeowners. Since sump pit sizes vary, the M53 is ten inches wide and has a vertical float switch. The vertical float moves up and down and therefore takes less room during operation. Likewise it has a two-pole float design with a metal frame which provides stability to the float as well as protection from getting caught on the pit wall. Like any other sump pump the float-switch will last two to five years depending upon usage, but Zoeller has made it possible to replace the switch. Since the pump will outlast a check valve, the M53 does not have a built-in check valve. This allows the owner to easily replace a faulty check valve which if not replaced will cause the pump motor undue stress as it works against the backflow of water.

I do know why the Zoeller M53 lasts so long. The material and the design of the pump are very carefully selected to ensure good quality. So with all of this quality built into the M53, you must be thinking that it is very expensive compared to competitor submersible pumps.

So what is the price tag for the quality built Zoeller Mighty Mate M53? Compared to five competitor brand 1/3 HP pumps I found the cost of the M53 to be in line with the rest of the 1/3 HP which range in price from $106 to $163. Zoeller found a way to minimize their overhead expenses yet include quality and make the cost of this pump very competitive.