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The Zoeller M53 sump pump can be deceiving. Here I will walk you through some pros and cons and show you how it stacks up to its price tag.

It's been a crazy week, you are ready to start your weekend and relax, it's raining outside, a perfect excuse to stay in and veg out, right? Except, you run down to the basement to grab some bacon out of the freezer for your homestyle breakfast and there it is; your basement floor is covered in water. Your relaxing day off is ruined.

Whether you are looking at getting a sump pump for the first time or you need to replace that one that keeps failing, how do you decide which pump to get? You're probably thinking that you need to spend a lot of money to get good quality that won't break down on you, but you might be mistaken.

Well, a good place to start would probably be asking contractors, plumbers, and building maintenance workers to recommend a good pump - so I did. The name Zoeller came up for sure so I ran with it and researched some more.

For a lightweight(only( 22 pounds), inexpensive pump this name had a pretty impressive track record so I kept researching.

Pros and Cons

Basically, the only negative I could find was that you may have to replace the switch every few years depending on how often your pump is made to switch on and off. The switch arm is stainless steel to limit corrosion. If you do have to replace the switch, that would not be an unusual thing for any sump pump and a replacement switch is easy to obtain and fairly inexpensive.

A very big benefit of this pump is the clog-free design. If you are draining water from anyplace that may have any kind of debris you know how incredibly frustrating it is when your sump pump gets clogged or freezes up because the screen is clogged. This pump will allow 1/2 inch diameter solids to pass through without clogging. I'm not sure about you but I haven't come across anyplace that I'm pumping that doesn't have some debris. This is a huge plus for me.

Another great benefit is the fact that the motor is permanently lubricated and hermetically sealed. That means a longer life with fewer problems.

One simple benefit, but some may think incredibly important; this pump is very, very quiet. Enough said.

The Price Tag

This mighty pump can really fool you if you go by the price tag. You could pay several hundred dollars more for a high end, fancy pump but you really don't need to. By all accounts, personal and professional, the Zoeller M53 Sump Pump will get the job done and potentially last for many, many years for the price of about $150.