What Is The Lite Sprites Story?

When your little girls asks you what lite sprites are, what will you tell her? Do you know the background to this fabulous new toy, especially for girls of 6 years plus? In case you are new to the idea, here is an outline, which is sure to excite her interest.

There is a magical kingdom called Lite Topia, and there in that fairy tale land you will find the 'Tree-of-Lite' which is alive with colour, light, sparkle and sound. A family of female sprites - little fairy doll-like creatures - lives in this magical world. They each have their own special colour, for example, Brook’s special color is blue, Meadow’s is green and yellow is Astra’s.

The one who rules this kingdom is 'Princess Prisma' and she always carries her magical wand. This to help her to protect herself and the sprites from the 'villain' of Lite Topia. Yes of course this fairytale place, like all other fairytale places has its own villain. This villain is in fact a villainess - she is called Bleak who, having grown up in complete darkness, does not have her own colour at all and is a creature of the dark.

Bleak just does not understand how the other Lite Sprites can always be so happy. Because their happiness is linked to their colours, she is always trying to steal color from the other sprites. She only wants to be shiny and happy looking too!

The good little Lite Sprites all play under the tree of Lite, right in the heart of Lite Topia. This tree can magically light up by itself, or be colored by Prisma, with her magic Lite Wand.

Around the Tree of Lite, there is a special canopy, where the Lite Sprites can sit and talk and play together in their pods. The tree also has a magical, light-up staircase and a working elevator, as well as a Lite Pet, a child-sized flower ring, and four inter-changeable flowers.

Once upon a time, the four good sprites, Meadow, Astra, Prisma and Brook, were playing a memory game from the Lite wand. All of a sudden, Meadow cried out that there was someone moving around behind the trees. But Astra, Prisma and Brook had not seen the dark shadow, so they only laughed at Meadow. Oh Meadow come and play it is your turn, do not worry the Tree of Lite will protect us. So Meadow, shining especially green to hide her fear, went back to the game.

When it came to her turn to play, Prisma laid the Lite wand on the ground and almost forgot about it for a moment. Then, as she bent to play the game, a long grey arm stretched out and tried to grab the Lite wand. Meadow and Astra shrieked, look out Prisma, and just before the arm could snatch up the Lite Wand, Prisma picked it up herself and rescued it from the long grey arm of Bleak.

Come on Bleak, Prisma said, come and play with us, but Bleak had already run away through the garden. Next time we see her, said Prisma, just stay quiet, do not shriek and I will see if I can use the wand to give her some magic colour. Perhaps then she will not want to steal from us any more.

This is just one story from the magic land of Lite Topia. How many others can you and your little girl discover in the fairy world of litesprites

The world of the Lite Sprites is a magic one, just for little girls and this is a great christmas gift. It will delight them and stimulate their imaginations, as they play.