There are different religious designs and symbols made for rings that are used for different spiritual and Christian promises. We have Christian promise rings for everyone and just about for whatever the need is. When wearing a promise ring a person needs to really be sure of their commitment and also know that their promise is understood by all who see the ring and also by the person themselves. What is the intent of the promise ring that you are wearing, and do you take it to heart?

There is a promise ring worn by someone who wants to make a religious commitment and this is in reference to that person’s faith. A Christian or another person like a monk, a nun, or a seminary student even a priest may want to wear a religious promise ring. It represents their devotion freely given to their God. These promise rings may have a cross on them as the reminder of what Jesus did for humanity and also when someone looks at it they remember their promise of devotion to Jesus or their one of worship.

Young people will wear a Christian purity promise ring and this is generally connected to their religious ideals. This ring reflects chastity and purity for the person wearing the ring, and that they will stay that way until they get married. Many churches of all denominations sometimes have commitment programs that are related to abstinence teaching, and the young people who become a part of that program will generally wear the purity promise ring.

Many people will wear a promise ring to represent the rediscovering of their faith and this is usually an individual who was a Christian and then backslides but has now come back to Christianity, and they want to wear the ring in reference to their new devotion to their religion. Some people will wear a ring that has a cross on it or a heart. This represents them remembering Jesus and also that they have now given their heart to Jesus.

Whatever the reason that a person has decided to wear a promise ring for there are many different rings to choose from. There are women promise rings, men promise rings, purity promise rings, and many more. Each individual has to come to their own terms with how they decide to keep their promise of devotion, purity or whatever the circumstance is, they have a ring on their finger to remind them.