A wake up light alarm clock is made to be an artificial sun that simulates the sunrise, which for thousands of years have been the natural way for humans to wake up with.

Philips has been working with the National sleep foundation to come up with a system that wakes you up naturally and comfortably like we are originally used to, and the wake up light alarm clock was their end product, it wakes you up with a gradually increasing light that starts 30 minutes before the sound comes on, And to make it as comfortably as possible, you can adjust both the max intensity of the light, and the sound of the alarm as well as the volume.

You can choose between many natural sounds like birds, waves or drums, you can also use the built-in FM radio as the alarm sound. I own a Philips hf3485 wake up light alarm clock myself and i am very happy with, it is in my eyes a fabulous piece of technology that replaces both my old alarm clock and my bedside light. While at the same time it looks very nice and stylish.

What i like most about the wake up light alarm clock is that it is very comfortable to wake up with it, and i feel much less sleepy in the morning than i did before. The wake up light alarm clock is also a certified therapy product for Seasonal affective disorder, this is a disorder that many people are not really aware that they have, especially if you live somewhere where the winter is dark, like here in Norway we often have only 5 hours of daylight in the winter. And further north they don`t have sunlight at all in the winter, this would be a perfect place to use a wake up light alarm clock to its fullest potential.

It also works very well if you sleep in a bedroom that do not receive much natural sunlight in the morning, like my bedroom there is just one window that is faced towards the north, where the sun never is. So that i never get any sunlight directly into my bedroom, this makes it effective at doing the suns job when it comes to waking me up in the morning!

Pros and cons!:

Cons: Price is a little bit high, some models do not have replacable light bulbs, might wake you up a little earlier than expected.

Pros: Replaces your bedside light, Looks great, Very comfortable to use, Much more effective than a regular "sound only" alarm clock, Can treat Seasonal affective disorder.

I can recommend a wake up light alarm clock to anyone that has either a hard time waking up in the morning, or just would like it to be a more comfortable experience. You can find more info here