It seems today that new technology is being created at such a great clip. Sometimes trying to keep up with the latest new gadgets is just too much. However, with the new HD TV’s, movies, video, and the internet, it seems that there should be some kind of device that can be used to take images from your PC and stream them to your HDTV. Well, there is such a device that has been created which does just that. This item is on the market today and its Veebeam HD Wireless PC to TV Link. This is a review of this latest technical device.

Just What Does This Device Do?

According to the manufacture, users should be able to stream anything from your computer to the TV. This includes streaming files and entertainment from the web and sharing your digital content with those you love. You can view data from the computer in your high definition TV screen if you should own one. You can also view movies from Netflix and surf other popular sites such as Hulu and YouTube and view on your TV.

How Does This Device Work?

Basically the device works with your laptop or desktop computer. The computer uses an antenna that’s connected into one of the USB ports. It is wireless so all you need to do is connect the video cables into the unit and your TV. Since, no software comes with the system, you must download the appropriate software from the company’s website for the operating system for your computer. The unit does not come with an HDMI cable. For best results you should use an HDMI cable which you can buy separately. The price of these cables varies from under $3 to $15 depending on the length of cable you need.

What are The System Requirements?

Mac users require Mac OS X (10.5 & 10.6). Windows users may use any of the following systems: Vista, Windows 7, or XP. All systems require a minimum of 2.2 GHz and 2 GB RAM memory. If you should own a computer with less than the specifications mentioned above, you may experience some viewing or start-up problems with using the device. Desktop computers are acceptable but, if you own a Netbook, it will not work with this unit.


This unit may or may not necessarily work for you. In reading some of the reviews for this device some users experienced problems. If your computer meets the system requirements, you should be ok and not have an issue. The unit should work as advertised. However, be sure to talk with the salesperson and ask them about their return policy in the event your unit does not work with your OS system.

The Veebean HD PC to TV link review should have been helpful for you in making a decision on this new technology. I think you will be surprised with this unit and just may be the “talk of the town” in your neighborhood.

Happy computer viewing using your TV!