Lost at what you should give for your husband, boyfriend, father, brother or officemate for those special occasions? Women, like me, usually tend to choose items that go overboard. Most women give men items such as expensive jewelry and watches, overpriced perfumes, branded clothing (including underwear) and the other similar items. The bad part about this is that after you have spent months’ worth of your salary for a certain gift it is hard to define if the receiver actually liked the gift. To solve that, here are a few unique gift ideas for men that don’t cost as much but will definitely give him a smile on that special occasion.

Send him flowers and chocolates. Yes, you read that right. Men may not admit it but they do like receiving red roses and chocolates from time to time, especially when it comes from someone just as special. How do you make this even more special? Don’t buy expensive brands of chocolate. Instead, make them from scratch. During Valentines in Japan, girls buy blocks of chocolate, melt them, place them in little paper cups and decorate them with heart sprinkles and other cute things. Why not give this a try? It really is a unique gift idea and he’ll surely appreciate the effort you’ll put in making those chocolates.

Cook something for him on that special day. You don’t have to worry so much about this one. Although it’s a plus if you could cook his favorite food, you don’t have to. Cooking you’re specialty for him would be just as good. Men would eat anything as long as it’s good. Again, it’s the thought that makes the dish extra special.

Knit him a nice scarf or bonnet. If you have knitting skills, then flaunt it. This is a gift that screams “unique” in every way imaginable. Use his favorite colors, create a nice pattern and knit it with all your heart. A handmade gift like this assures him that there’s no other thing like it.

Plan a special date for the two of you. This time, you’re the one planning the whole day. Bring him to the movies, go to the arcade, eat hotdogs and fries, do whatever and go wherever he likes. It’s his day after all. At the end of the day, I’m sure you can go and find a little something you can buy for him as a souvenir from the date like a keychain, or a CD or something.

Whatever occasion it may be, and whoever that special guy is. It wouldn’t hurt to try and deviate from the usual guy gifts we have. Always remember, a unique gift requires a lot of effort but is definitely worth it.