Putting to bed and silencing the argument you need a large wad of cash to purchase the biggest and most expensive to fully enjoy the hobby of RC copter flying, the tiny S107 Syma helicopter is not ashamed of his size! Smaller than a Smart Phone this little guy has proven to thrill RC helicopter pilots of all ages and skill levels. It maybe small but its big on performance at a small price!

Built with the latest technology the learning curve for flying this bird is quick and easy with just a little practice. Stable and smooth to fly with flight speed not to slow to bore you or to fast you lose control. Before you know it you’ll be taking off and landing your copter in the palm of your hand or doing any other tricks you can imagine. You may even be tempted to have some fun with the family pet but please be nice!

Just because the Syma helicopter is designed for indoor use, don’t sell it short on toughness. Known to withstand crashes and rough landings without suffering major damage or flight performance you can confidently fly it around your home. On the other hand if you purposely fly into hard objects or surfaces you will have problems that you caused yourself not because of the quality of the product.

Common complaints owners have of the S107 Syma helicopter is the short flight time (approx. 8-12 minutes) and the amount of time it takes to recharge the helicopter battery. (Approx. ½ hour to 45 min.) Savvy flyers have discovered if they go a little light on the throttle, flight time can be extended by a couple minutes.

People who maybe thinking about getting into flying RC helicopters but not sure where to start will find the S107 Syma helicopter is a great learner kit for beginners and a breeze to get started with at a very reasonable price without breaking your bank account. Because it’s designed for indoor use, this kit makes for a great year round toy that can be flown by RC copter hobbyist everywhere at any time. Chances are good that once you start flying your Syma helicopter you will have so much fun you will start thinking about stepping up to a more advanced kit or copter.

Advances in RC technology and affordability have made flying helicopters appealing to people of all ages. Big or small, expensive or inexpensive there is something for everyone who wants to enjoy this fast growing hobby.