The Skin Spa: Bliss for Your Body

Our skin does so much for us and asks so little in return, so if there comes a time when you can do a little extra for it, shouldn’t you? Although it may seem like a frivolous luxury, a visit to a skin spa may just allow you to hold off on a more expensive visit to a plastic surgeon for a few more years and gives you the added bonus of feeling like a trip to heaven. What exactly can you expect at a skin spa and what should you avoid?

If you have never been given any skin treatments in the past, stick with the more common treatments and make sure that you are asked about allergies or sensitivities before your esthetician starts work. Also make sure that all staff are scrupulous about washing their hands, and that everybody knows the answer to at least the majority of your questions. If everything that you ask gets answered with a spiel for more products, then you might reconsider remaining at this spa.

Certain treatments should be left for the dermatologist office, but others are perfectly safe to undergo at the skin spa. Some of the available treatments are decadent sounding, but definitely know what is going on to your face. There has been some question about whether the mud baths at these spas are safe or not, so a better option might be to stick with the seaweed wraps instead.

Your spa treatment should include some time spent on deciding what your skin type is before proceeding. Certain spa treatments should not be done on some skin types, so make sure that if you are not asked, or they do not figure it out, you tell them.

Remember, there are many different treatments and procedures available and what you choose may change the pricing rates. Ask if there are any specials to lower your rates, or possibly hint to friends and family for gift certificates at gift giving time. If all fails, consider a visit to a skin spa to be a beneficial indulgence to give yourself the healthy, glowing skin that you truly deserve.

While you are there, consider getting a facial mini-massage that will not only feel good but will make the skin of your face glow with increased blood flow and vitality. Any treatment that you get may include some additional products that you can purchase and use at your own home. Do not feel pressured to buy them and if they are offered, ask for sample sizes to make sure that you do not develop any adverse reactions to it.