The Lite Sprites Adventure At The Windmill – Fun And Games For Girls

Life is so much fun for the lite sprites. There are games and adventures almost every day. When girls become involved with these magical fairy creatures, there is just so much to enjoy.

One day, the spring sun was shining through the trees and the Lite Sprites were playing with the magical wand, by the Tree of Lite, deep in the woods of Lite-Topia. Astra looked up and asked, can you see a strange light over to the west?

Where do you mean? Said Prisma. Look, said Astra, there is a pattern of colors in the sky. It is like a flower, I like it very much. Do you think it is a daffodil or a sunflower? Wow, I am not sure, said Prisma. We will go and look at it more closely.  I have never seen anything quite like that before.

So they set off, walking past the river and the waterfall and the tree of lite. In the dark shadow behind the tree of lite, Bleak was hiding. She loved the shadows, but she was so sad, because deep down, she really  wanted some color too.

Every day she watched the Lite Sprites while they had so much fun, it seemed that they were always laughing. She was a very lonely and jealous doll.

After Prisma, Astra, and Meadow had passed by the Tree of Lite, Bleak came out and followed them. She kept to the shadows and they did not see her. But Prisma had a strange feeling; she kept looking back, just as if she thought someone was following them. But the light and the colors in the sky pulled her forward, so she followed her sisters closely.

Meadow was the first to spot the Windmill. She pointed to it excitedly and said look, look, it is shining my favourite green, just for me. They all looked and so it was. Shining a lovely deep green for Meadow. It was a very clever Windmill, as it recognised which of the sprites was near by and echoed their color, so they felt the Windmill was saying hello to them.

The Windmill’s blades spun and the color patterns were repeated in the sky and on the ground. The sprites were so impressed; they stood there entranced, gazing at the magical patterns.

Then the Windmill seemed to notice the other sprites and started to glow with their colours too. The sprites all said hello to the windmill and ran toward  it. Bleak was still hiding and  watching from the shadows. She hoped Prisma might put the wand down, as she often did when she was excited about something new. Bleak would just love to have the wand, so she could have lots of colour in her life, instead of grey shadows all the time.

But this time, somehow Prisma seemed to be aware that there was a threat in the woods, so she kept the wand very close by her side. She used it to make spells with the Windmill and the Windmill became one of the Lite Sprites' favorite colorful play places. They loved making all the pretty patterns in the sky and the spinning blades were so peaceful and interesting to watch.

But the thing the little lite sprites liked best about the Windmill was that it recognized them. It said hello to each sprite, with a special  light pattern. And even if they tried to catch it out, by wearing a different color, it always recognized them. Maybe one day, Bleak will have some colour too, so the windmill will recognize her.

It really is a very clever windmill and now plays a big part in the happy lives of these good light sprites.