The Apple I-Pad looks like a large iPod, something that also may be familiar to you. It is a good looking piece of kit. The smooth aluminium panel of its rear sports the Apple logo and curves gently towards each edge. It is quite heavy when compared to other e-book reader devices, and although it has a larger bezel around the screen than you might imagine is required, it is necessary so you don’t continually interfere with the screen holding it. When considering which e-book reader to buy, the size and weight of the Apple might be one of the considerations.

The overall look of the I-Pad is an uncluttered one. It only has one button; the rest is left to the touch screen. Gadgets seem to be getting slimmer and slimmer year by year and although it’s not the slimmest of the e-book readers, it is nevertheless, remarkable. The screen measures 9.7”, is backlit rather than the E Ink technology of other devices and responds to touch commands beautifully, just like the I-Phone if you’re familiar with it. The IPS enhanced screen will be visible in most kinds of light although it may wash out a bit in bright sunlight. Battery life can be a bit of an issue and will last about ten hours with Wi-Fi turned on not as long as some dedicated e-book readers but perfectly adequate.

This Apple device falls between the Smartphone and the Netbook category, was this deliberate or not? It can be a bit frustrating when you want to download a .txt document through Gmail and can’t do it on this I-Pad, while this is something taken for granted on a Smartphone. However, you can make hard copies of mail attachments or pictures, by simply pressing the print option, provided that you have a printer next to you. This tablet though, has its own system for dealing with mail and you either like it or loath it. You can keep songs playing from iTunes whilst running another programme such as browsing the web.

When taking into consideration, which e-book reader to buy, weight and size has to be one of the things to look at. The Apple’s I-Pad weighs 1.5 pounds whilst the Amazon Kindle weighs just 8.7 ounces, but then you can do a lot more on an I-Pad. The size is perhaps another issue and this device is much larger than most of its contemporaries and portability could be an important factor to you. It may appeal more to you to have a large full colour screen than a small black and white one. Then if you are buying with the e-book reader as your first priority, which e-book reader you do buy will be closely linked to these considerations.

If you don’t like all those annoying adverts while you are browsing the web, then this is something that may appeal to you. Because this tablet does not support flash then you don’t get adverts, brilliant. Then again you are left with gaping holes where once one would have been. It’s your choice.

If you like to have a lot of entertainment then this device will play AAC protected AAC, Apple Lossless, MP3, WAV and more all through a set of earphones. Movies and Videos are played without glitches and with quality audio. The real question though, when deciding which e-book reader to get, is whether or not this unit from Apple is any good. The screen resolution is brilliant and eye strain should not be an issue. Cost is another consideration to look at when all you might want is an e-book reader device and not all the bells and whistles and as such, the Apple I-Pad is an expensive bit of kit.