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Applicable people: body odor, armpits, diffusion is the strong body odor and taste

Before use with a wipes on the armpit to clean, and then spray 2-3, gently rub to the absorption.

The latter part of the daily use of 1, generally 3-5 weeks to significantly improve; severe cases, it is recommended to use 2 times a day, the use of 2 times a day, , While paying attention to personal diet and health, generally need to adhere to use 5-8 weeks.

[usage] : about 2 times, moist skin. Before use will wash skin different odor occurs after being dry, with spray right amount on the different odor occurs. The person that weigh use this product in the morning and once, light person according to need.
[allergies]: This product Alcohol content is very low, basically negligible. It is because of taking into account the customer’s skin sensitive issues, we will be reduced to the lowest level of alcohol can be ignored. Skin damage can be used, there will be a little tingling, generally tolerable. If you feel pain, you can suspend the use, and so the skin is restored, and then use.
: warm prompt 1, preventing armpits to drink more water and bathe, because of the sweat, can help excrete waste cleaning, toxins and regulate body temperature. Have a good effect to reduce the armpits. 2, armpits to armpit hair, can not only beautiful, but also reduce sweat. 3, clothes quality of a material: prevent body odor to absorbent cotton is first selection. 4, eat less strong smell or physical, with a pungent taste like spicy food and coffee. Eat spicy food can aggravate the armpits, is not good to the skin.
Congenital body odor: congenital body odor generally can not be eradicated, the same surgical recurrence. With this product can achieve the effect of improvement, adhere to the use of the body odor can reduce the concentration of the crowd is not easy to be aware of.

Tips: body odor disappeared, it is recommended to continue to use 5-7 days, you can avoid recurrence.