Now that you've been introduced to the fantastic hobby of flying remote controlled helicopters, the time has arrived for you to throw away the beginner label, spread your rotor blades and discover what other thrills your new found passion can deliver. So the question you could be asking is what's the next step?

There are several brands and types of rc helicopters on the market today that are designed for beginners looking to step up to a more advanced skill level. One of the more popular brands for advancing rc pilots is Walkera. The topic of this review will be the RC Walkera helicopter Uflys kit.

The kit is a complete ready to fly package with the only thing preventing you from flying it out of the box is the time required charging up the batteries. Once the batteries are charged for the 1st time there is some important information that needs to be shared before any pilot decides to take this bird on its maiden flight.

Not your average toy!

Designed from tough as nails material, the Walkera Uflys helicopter has developed a history of enduring crashes and rotor blade strikes while not losing flight integrity. Eventually repairs will need to be made but because of the helicopters simple design you don't need to be a master mechanic to know how to fix it.

Unless you have a huge indoor area the rc walkera helicopter is engineered for very stable, very fast outdoor flight in winds below 10 mph (8.7 knots). The flight speed alone demands your respect and is guaranteed to get your blood pumping!

Kit Deficiencies:

This RC Walkera helicopter kit does have a few deficiencies worth noting and suggested troubleshooting methods used by owners to overcome them.

Some cases pilots have reported flight to be unstable due to the helicopter being tail heavy. Situation was corrected by tapping coin on the nose of the helicopter.

Stock blades that come with the kit have been reported too fragile. Experienced pilots suggest you replace stock blades with impact resistant blades.

1st Time Flier Tips:

Important that 1st time fliers of the rc Walkera helicopter Uflys kit get comfortable with the controls and have a basic understanding how the helicopter functions.

Spend several minutes practicing hovering before flying around. You will experience control problems if you don't get used to the hovering characteristics of your helicopter.

If you're unsure of you developing skills don't get frustrated, build up your confidence by getting your hands on some flight simulation software and practice, practice, practice!

Advanced Flier Tip:

Once you master the controls and flying of your RC Walkera helicopter you may feel a little cocky and decide to test your flying skills. By all means go for it! Give yourself more thrills by turning off the gyroscope. Doing so gives you complete control without the technological advantage the gyro provides for less skilled fliers. This will be your moment of truth! You will know you have arrived!

Flying the RC Walkera helicopter Uflys kit is definitely a step up for beginners seeking to advance their skills and a blast to fly. The key to getting the most enjoyment this kit provides is to understand what you're dealing with before you ever think of purchasing it online or flying the 1st time. Treat this bird with respect and you will be rewarded with years of enjoyment!