Razor Pogo Sticks To The Rescue – Fun Exercise For Modern Kids

Why do our children need razor pogo sticks? Well, we all know that many kids do not get enough exercise today. In fact, most american and european children aged 5-15 are simply not getting anywhere near enough daily exercise. There have been many studies showing that, for example, too many kids aged 5 to 10 get less than the recommended one hour of physical activity each day and that between the ages of 9 and 15, the activity level of a large group of western children was shown to drop sharply.

Statistics show us that too many of our children are just not reaching the recommended 1 hour of physical activity per day.

Who can do something about this? Well we often straight away say that the parents must be responsible. But the same surveys say that seventy-five percent of parents like to spend family time with their children watching television.

Here is a professional medical opinion: when children do not get enough exercise while growing up, it can lead to their becoming overweight and eventually even obese. This brings with it many well-known problems, some of which can continue to later in life. This comes from D. Alexander MD, who is a specialist in child health and development.

This really should be a wake up call to children, but especially to us as parents. We ought to be able to find a way of taking physical exercise together which is fun.

Here is a story told to me by a parent friend of mine recently.

"I was worried about my son’s weight gain; he is 11 and is starting to develop the typical 'apple' body shape which is common in our family. For some reason, I remembered the pogo stick that I used to use when I was I kid and how I really loved it. So when I saw the recent adverts about the new Razor Bogo Pogo Stick I bought one for his 11th birthday.

Of course, he had never seen one before and never seen anyone using one in our neighborhood, so I had a go, to show him how to use it. This is not just some little kids’ toy, it was great for me and I weigh over 120 lbs! I was amazed at the results I got and we laughed so much with each other as we tried it. It became our thing to do after school.

We soon started to have competitions and my husband got in on the act too. He was too heavy for the Bogo, so he had to go and get an adult version. Well, talk about laugh - it really was all such tremendous fun. As for my son, he took to it straight away and has been having a great time ever since. Never mind one hour exercise, it is hard to get him off it to come in for dinner!

It is so much more pleasing to be persuading him to come off that, than constantly having to get him to leave the computer or the TV.

Now we seem to have set a trend, using the pogo stick has become very popular in the neighbourhood and the kids have championships, with dads officiating and moms providing the juice and healthy snacks."

Perhaps you could encourage your kids to take their 1 hour a day healthy exercise, by disguising it as family fun?

Family pogo can be such great fun and is it possible that you need the exercise too?