Do you have a big wedding to plan for anytime in the spring, summer or fall? Or, maybe you have to plan for a family reunion, some big party for your high school or college graduate or bridal shower and you are wondering what to do about having enough ice for your guests. Have you thought about buying a portable ice maker? These units make ice continually throughout the day. Being portable they can be moved to any location so your guests can have access to ice all during your special event and never have to go into the house, basement or garage. This way you can keep your guests outside and not inside. If the weather is bad, you can relocate the ice maker inside and supply your guests with enough ice so they don’t have to constantly go into the freezer or to the refrigerator door ice maker.

Portable ice makers come in handy because they can produce ice and you don’t have to mess around having to put ice trays into your freezer and having to wait for it to freeze or wait for your refrigerator ice maker to hurry up and get the ice cubes popping out.

What Ice Makers Provide?

These are portable units make ice anywhere from six to twelve minutes after the unit is plugged in. They also provide options to select the type of cube you want small, medium or large. These units make between 20 and 35 pounds of ice every 24 hours depending upon the unit you buy. This alone should save you money and frustration in that you won’t have to guess how many bags to buy at the store and then find space in your freezer to store it. This saves you additional trips to the grocery store when you run out of ice. It allows you, the host, to be with your guests up to the time they leave.

Portable ice makers can be used anywhere. If you have an RV you can take it along with you on vacation or any trip and have plenty of ice wherever you go. You will not have to be on the look-out for a place that is most likely to sell ice. Many families like to go boating and these units are portable enough to take along on your excursion as well. All you need is the appropriate outlet and you will have enough ice for everyone on board.

Drawbacks to These Units

There are some drawbacks to owning these units and they are:

  • You will have to fill up the reservoir with water when it’s low.
  • There may be some limitations as to the type of water to use. If tap water is used be aware of a potential chlorine smell in the cubes.
  • These units do not keep the ice frozen. They make ice and very quickly; however unused ice cubes will melt. Most units have a drip design where the melting ice cubes fill up the reservoir.
  • When you bring the unit home, you may need to run a couple of dry runs to remove the plastic smell out of the unit. By following the instructions that come with your unit, you should be able to get it properly prepared before your first big event.


The bottom line here is that portable ice makers may not be for everyone. However, if you are a family that likes to have people over a lot, or host events in your home with lots of people, then having one of these portable ice makers in your home may save you time, money and frustration.

Happy ice making!