The Pico pocket projector is a very handy gadget, especially if you are involved in small group presentations for business related purposes. It can be time consuming and cumbersome to organize a large projector and carry it to venues to do presentations. But this is just one of the many benefits of a Pico pocket projector. Yes it’s tiny, but an extremely useful tool for the business person’s presentation kit as well as for those of you who like to project photos, videos and movies up to 100'' onto any surface.

Convenient Size:

Technology has rapidly advanced since the early days of the data projector. Projectors have evolved to become more portable and more convenient as portable devices. The Pico pocket projector range represents the smallest and most portable of any projector sold on the market.

There are a number of different models of the Pico pocket projector. All have similar specifications. They are the size of a mobile phone and can be easily carried in a pocket or small bag. Their size is not indicative of their functionality. Each model of pocket projector is compatible with a variety of appliances, including i-Pads, i-Pods, i-Phones and laptops, and has plenty of memory allowing the projection of photos, videos and data onto a wall, screen or even more creative surfaces like your buddy's white t-shirt!

Bright Projection:

The Pico pocket projector is small, but it’s projection is strong. It has an optimum projection quality in a small group setting. It's ideal for office group presentations, it is also useful as home projector, providing good quality for a small home theatre. Video games can be projected and played with ease. The projector does not require a completely dark room to supply a good quality light projection. It reaches maximum quality brightness within just a few seconds of being turned on with a typical brightness of 15 lumens.

Other Specifications:

The projectors have built in audio speakers, which ensure the portability of the projectors. It is also useful to consider purchasing a tiny tripod compatible with the version you purchase to save yourself needing to hold the device for the duration of the presentation or movie. They can be purchased in the same location, either in-store or online where you purchase the Pico pocket projector.


Customers who have bought the Pico pocket projector rate them very highly, especially for their convenience. They come packaged with a second rechargeable battery making the Pico pocket projector an ideal travelling device in locations where recharging a battery may be difficult. Batteries provide hours worth of projection power before they require recharging. The lamps produce approximately 20,000 hours worth of light projection.

Each Pico pocket projector produces excellent quality projection. The range is diverse and each model is optimized for different uses. The price range of the cameras is competitive. The devices can be bought off online electronics stores and in shops and other computer or electrical retail stores.