Organic Skin Care Cream: Make Sure You Get What You Pay For

It does not matter where you shop or what products you are looking for, the word “organic” is everywhere. You cannot even go down the toilet paper aisle without seeing that word anymore! But, with some products, the labeling can be misleading, especially in areas that are not as strictly regulated as others, so always use caution and know exactly what you are buying and how the determination of organic or not is made. Do not accept that word on pure, blind faith; rather, know who you are buying from and whether that designation is fair.

Just as with the foods that you purchase, many people choose to buy organic skin creams to reduce the number of potentially harmful additives and chemical ingredients that they put onto or into their body. Remember, your skin is your largest organ and everything that you put onto it will seep through your pores. A secondary reason for the organics is the increased incidence of allergies to a variety of ingredients. If there is a chance of allergic reaction or skin sensitivity for you, read your ingredients carefully, even in the case of organic skin creams.

Organic skin creams generally earn the designation by using all organic ingredients- those that are naturally grown, obtained and processed, but again, the label can be deceptive. In some cases, the term “organic” can be used if as little as one ingredient is technically an organic. If purified water is the first ingredient, then it is possible that the label will read “organic” although everything else is chemically based. Do not be lulled into buying something that is labeled as organic and slathering it on without some careful investigation and review, especially if this is your first time use. As with any product, organic or not, perform an allergy test and carefully monitor for reaction.

Many companies have jumped on the organic marketing bandwagon and offer at least some of their top sellers in an organic version with more of these products being offered every year. Even with a slightly higher price tag, organics quickly make it to the top of the sales list as more and more people carefully consider the products that they put into their bodies. It just makes no sense at all to buy all organic food products, then to slather chemicals onto your skin.