The new Apple iPad 2 is an excellent lapotop choice for those who want something more efficient and less bulky. As we can all imagine, after the keynote address by Steve Jobs on the latest product to add to the iPad family, the buying spree has continued, as the 2nd model certainly is an answer to numerous questions hanging over the first iPad product.

The new Apple iPad 2 is designed for efficiency, elegance, and durability. It’s thinner than the iPad 1 with up to 33% of the size slashed down so you can hold it without actually noticing much bulk. It is also 15% lighter as the company incorporated advanced technology into the design of the product. It is possible to think that with all the slashing in thickness and overall weight many features would be lost. However, that is not the case with the new Apple iPad 2 as there are certainly more features to enhance your need for versatility.

For example, the iPad 2 comes with a powerful high definition video program that allows you to film yourself and have the film twisted to suit your desire. The film program is named “FaceTime” and the software for enhancing your snapshots is called Photo Booth. In essence, your family and friends will definitely see you in a better light when you make use of the iPad 2 to make your personal films for their viewing too.

As for web browsing, the new Apple iPad 2 is designed with two powerful cores and faster graphics technology. Understand that what makes most sites load slowly is because of the weight of the pictures. However, the iPad 2 comes with an all-new technological input that will make these pictures load faster, thereby making your net surfing faster. You no longer need all those software and applications to speed things up.

If you’re considering an accessory the iPad smart cover that attaches itself to the new Apple iPad 2 magnetically is pretty cool. It aligns properly to prevent damages and protect the screen. Also, it’s designed to make the iPad to go to sleep when you close it, and you can also convert the cover into a stand to assist you in typing documents and watching movies too. The new iPad 2 comes with many built-in applications, and the battery life remains at a solid 10-working hours, and much more if you are using it sporadically. It's good to compare the older version to the new 2 model to get a good sense of the product, especially if you're considering an upgrade.