Thanks to the twist of many things in life, wearing crochet in fashion has got to be one thing that is obvious. Crocheting and wearing crochet clothing is no longer only a grandmother hobby. Crocheting popularity has risen so high that even celebrity top models rock'em in style.

I remember as a kid wearing crochet necklaces and I thought they were cool, because of the different designs and how it looked on my neck. As I got older around my teens, I never saw anyone my age wearing crochet clothing.

I mean, my sister use to make pillows and blankets, but that was the only type of crochet items I ever really close to me. Not even thinking of the creativity crocheting is, I now realize how amazing crocheting is, especially the fashion.

Seriously though, from purses, scarves, hairbows, skirts, dresses, socks, and even toys, needle work in fashion has got to be unlimited. Somewhere on the television, there is a guarantee that you will find something that has yarn in it.

Because crochet is so out there more than before, I see quite a few teenagers that are affiliated with crochet groups. It is almost like a trend now. Crochet is no longer lame or outdone.

Way beyond homemade, stylish and exotic tops, vests to dresses and skirts,are perfect for anybody, especially during Spring. I will encourage you to spice it up and try a bandeau under a crocheted dress or top. It is risky but hot.

One other thing that is hot in the crochet world is lingerie. Yes, crochet lingerie is definitely in style and is sexy to. And just so you know, crocheted lingerie use to be very common in the Victorian era, however, it took form of bikinis in the 1970's.

I do not know why they took they took the form of bikinis. Honestly, the whole yarn creation thing is so unique and creative, I do not see how it happened like that.

Do not underestimate vintage crochet lingerie or any other types of vintage crochet clothing. You never know how any clothing looks on you until to wear it, so my advice to you is that if you are interested in wearing crochet in fashion, but are unsure of what to wear or how to wear it, go to the store and try the on or order them online and read fashion magazines or go to any crochet website or fashion website and see what types of crochet fashion advice or tecniques they have to offer.