Natural home remedies for scars are much sought after by many who are affected by scars. Some of us have an ugly scar somewhere on our body that we are trying to hide. Imagine having to hide your beautiful figure under long clothing at the beach because you have an ugly scar on your thigh. Or hiding a scar on your forehead by growing a fringe. People go to the extend of dressing down because they are not comfortable showing their scar.

I for one have a long ugly scar on my knee as a result of a fall which was never treated. This resulted in a long ugly raised scar on my knee. I am always conscious of it so all my skirts are below my knee.

I thought my scar will be there for life and I never knew that there are natural home remedies for scars that can flatten and reduce the appearance of scars until I found the internet. I knew that surgery can remove it but was not an option for me due to high costs involved.

We are surrounded by natural ingredients that can be found in our garden, in the kitchen, supermarket and everywhere yet we do not know their medicinal value and probably did not think much of their effectiveness until we read about it in the internet or someone else tells us. Scar will never totally disappeared, however it can be less noticeable by using natural herbs. My scar has to some extend flatten a bit and is less noticeable.

Natural home remedies for scars you can use.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera as we all know is a good home remedy for a lot of things including the treatment of residual scars.

Lemon Juice The juice extracts from it acts as a natural bleach and if you apply the juice to the scars it will slowly reduce.


We use cucumber as eye patch to smooth out the skin under the eye and remove the tired look. Well, the same can be done for scars. You can make a paste from cucumber and apply it directly onto the scar. You do this a few times and it will help smooth out the scar. The cool effect of cucumber helps removal of scar tissues.

Indian Gooseberry

Vitamin C is very important in fixing open wounds. Research has found that Indian Gooseberry is one of the richest sources of vitamin C.


Honey is well known for its medicinal values. Honey is used as cure for almost all ailments. It is also found to have a healing effect on scars. Just apply it onto the scar and leave it over night. Do this frequently and there should be a noticeable reduction in your scars appearance.

Tea Tree oil, Olive Oil

Tea tree oil is use in beauty salons for facials because of its healing effect on the skin. Rub it on your scar several times a day. Olive oil or any oil for that matter can be used to massage the scar several times daily. Some people claim that it eventually wears off the scar.

Ice cube

Rubbing Ice cube onto the scars, especially on the face will help in treating acne scars.

These are some of the natural home remedies for scars but there are many other natural products you can use. The key is being consistent in whatever you choose to use. People have different skin types so what might work for others might not produce the same result for you. So try it out and stick to the one that work for you. To answer the question of whether the natural home remedies for scars are effective? From my research, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of home natural products. Think about the products they use in facials and skin moisturizers which are suppose to make your skin look smooth, they are made from the very products that we just talked about which can be found right in your own home.