Motorola Nextel

Motorola Nextel is a phone for people who wants a phone for just calling and messaging and are probably not going to spend time taking care about it and are going to use it ruggedly. This phone does not cost a fortune like the iPhone or high end android devices so can be a perfect phone for people who lead a life that is a little too adventures, this phone is for people who might lose it while climbing the mountain. This phone is built for such kind of rugged conditions; it can take bumps and bruises without any problem.

This phone is very well built and it has all the basic stuff that you will want in a mobile phone. On the front, there are three blue backlit music control buttons which gives easy access to the music that is in your device. On top of the music control buttons is the camera which site between the speakers and the color LCD screen. The keypad has a cool blue backlight and is quite confortable to type on. The keys are soft and there is sufficient play in the buttons. The screen is of 176x220 resolutions and of 256K color. It is quite sharp, crisp and bright. The camera has protective lens covering and video light for taking videos and a mirror above the screen to take self- portrait photos. The micro SD card slot and the 2.5 mm headphone jack are on the right side of the phone. The 2.5 mm headphone jack is a bit of a letdown as you cannot use your favorite headphones with it. On the top next to the sub antenna are the speakerphone buttons and the additional music control buttons.

One of the best things about Motorola Nextel i880 is that it is loud and clear when making and receiving calls no matter how much the signal strength is. It is loud enough that you will hear the phone ringing even if you are in a crowed and noisy area. The camera performance is not quite good but it can take some decent shots under good lighting conditions. There is no dedicated camera button so you will have to flip the lid of the phone to take some photos. The shutter lag is just under a second which is standard but not too great. There is no flash available for photos and video light does not activate for photos. This is a great phone for basic needs, buy it today.

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