More Lite Sprites Adventure – The Day Bleak Had A Plan

Lite sprites stories can keep little girls spellbound. Not only do they love to listen when you read to them, but they can also make up their own tales and adventures. Just wait and see what they come up with when playing, either by themselves with their lite sprites, or together with friends.

One day, Bleak had been sitting in her little dark room in the cellar, deep in the castle in Lite-Topia. She had been sitting and thinking naughty thoughts. Now, after all her scheming, she had a plan.

She had worked out how she could take the lite wand away from Prisma and stop her giving color to things. She wanted to do this, because Bleak was very jealous of Prisma and the colourful Lite Sprite sisters. They always seemed to be too cheerful and she just wanted to knock the smiles off their faces.

In the corner of her room, there were a lot of hairy spiders and Bleak loved them. They made huge grey webs, all around the place and this spread the darkness and gloom of the cellar, by blocking out the light and color of the Lite-Topia forest. Bleak had a little glass box and she opened it and put in some of her favorite spiders. She chose big hairy ones, little wriggly ones, one with very long legs and one with huge eyes. She snapped the lid onto the box and laid it down in the corner, then she went out into the forest.

By the Tree of Lite, she found some green orchids with strange green flowers. These will be just the thing for Meadow, she said to herself and she made a bunch of greeny green orchids. She tucked it under her arm and went off to look for yellow flowers. She found lovely yellow buttercups and some dandelions, so many she did not know which to choose. Bleak decided to take the biggest and best of each for Astra, as they fitted her plan best.

Down by the stream she saw some hyacinths and blue bells, their scent was like perfume in the air. Brooke likes both of these, so I will take some of each. Just behind the big flower, Bleak found some tiny pink roses, without any thorns. These are perfect she thought, Prisma will love them.

Have you worked out what Bleak was going to do? No? Shall I tell you?

Bleak was going to take the lovely bunches of flowers into her cellar and then she was going to hide a spider or two in each bunch. Her plan was that as she gave the sisters the flowers, the spiders would crawl out and the lite-sprites would be frightened. She hoped they would be so scared, they would forget to be careful with the Lite wand and run away. Then Bleak could take the lite wand, hide it away from them and play with it herself.

Do you think that is a good plan?

Well that afternoon, the lite sprite sisters were sitting near the waterfall, singing a song about butterflies. Meanwhile, the butterfly and the firefly were dancing over their heads. Bleak approached the sisters and she was smiling a big fake smile. These are for you, she said and gave them each a bunch of flowers, in which she had hidden the spiders.

Prisma opened the pink roses and there was the big hairy spider, on the top - just about to run up her arm. Oh how lovely, a bunch of pink roses, decorated with a cuddly spider. Thank you Bleak, I will make him pink like the roses. Bleak was so shocked! Astra and Meadow opened their flowers together. In Astra’s bunch of buttercups, there was a whole family of tiny, tiny red spiders. Oh  look girls, the buttercups are someone's home. That must be so nice to have a yellow home.

When Meadow unwrapped  her bunch of lovely green orchids, she was not at all frightened by the spider with the long hairy legs. Neither was Brooke, when she opened the bluebells and found the spider with the huge eyes looking up at her.

So, Bleak’s plan had failed, but the sisters all thought she had done a lovely thing, by giving them each special bunches of flowers.  Prisma decided to give her some color for the day, so she picked up some of the color from all the flowers and gave it to Bleak.

Then Bleak was pink, and yellow,and blue and greeny green all in turns. You would have thought she would be happy to look like the other lite sprites, but, being Bleak, she was very cross.

She turned off her fake smile and stamped away, back to her cellar in disgust. The good little lite sprites put their flowers in water and played with their new pets until bedtime.