These days a lot of regular consumers are in the market for a reliable high-quality pico projector. The MicroVision SHOWWX pico laser projector has gained a lot of attention since its 2010 release and is said to be superior to other competing models.

But why?

Consumers rave about the fact that it is an all-purpose portable projector. It has all the functions that pico projectors have become renowned for, and it’s even multi award winning. Its most prestigious being the MACWORLD top honors of “Best of Show” in 2010. This is an award presented to those devices that shine as an example of useful innovation.

But is it still your best option in 2011? Let’s find out...

The device is capable of projecting images such as movies, presentations, photos at high qulity resolution of 848 x 480 WVAG which stands for Wide Video Graphics Array. Projected images are typically seen in between 6 to 10 inches in size, and they are clear and bright with very little distortion.

The MicroVision SHOWWX pico laser projector seems to be quite commonly used with the i-Pad, i-Phone and i-Pod, but it’s definitely not restrictive to Apple brand devices. The SHOWWX can basically project from any device that can store images and movies. The projector is plug and play capable, making it simple to plug into the device that you have stored your data on. Being such a small gadget it is super easy to pack around when you're on the go.

The extended battery life lasts around 2 hours, better than the once 1 hour life which was definitely not enough time to make it worth your money. Now, 2 hours is sufficient and enables your office presentations to be conducted with few glitches.

Within a business environment, the MicroVision SHOWWX pico laser projector is useful due to the wide screen imaging. This is something which sets it apart from other Pico projector brands. Its laser lamp helps keep images in focus which is an essential asset for the business presentation.

At home any room to be turned into a movie theatre using the projector. Video games can played and projected onto a screen and one of the most popular uses is being able to share your photo slideshows. This is a great way to share them with family and friends.

The reviews by users of the MicroVision SHOWWX pico laser projector have been strongly positive. Overall, it is considered to be extremely cost efficient and comparably cheap compared to other laser pocket projector brands. There have been few negative comments, the most significant being it’s lack of internal memory and it’s lack of a tripod stand for extra stability when projecting. However, this oversight can easily be compensated with just about anything. Mount it on a book or whatever else you might find handy!

It has been suggested that in the not so distant future, the laser pico technology will be included in all mobile phones, digital cameras and other hand-held devices. This is exciting. The MicroVision SHOWWX pico laser projector can be bought online or through retail outlets and offers a wide variety of affordable accessories.