Have you ever thought about investing in a pair of made-to- measure shoes? Some people buy them because they have no choice, but for others they are a just one of life luxuries that they enjoy buying. However, just like mass-produced shoes, made-to-measure shoes can still be of variable quality and before buying you should do some research to find a high quality craftsman.

So what are the advantages of buying a pair of made-to-measure shoes?

1. Craftsmanship: It’s not always the case that something that is made by hand is superior to something that is mass-produced, but in terms of made-to-measure shoes I think it is. You cannot beat the craftsmanship that goes into producing a pair of shoes that exactly fit your feet.

2. Accurate measurements: Time will be taken to ensure that your feet are measured accurately. Of course you can get your feet measured if you buy mass produced shoes but that is just to determine the size you need to buy. When buying made-to measure shoes there will be many more measurements taken to ensure that the shoes you ultimately buy will fit properly and be comfortable.

3. Perfect fit: Made-to-measure shoes are great for anyone who has different sized feet and has had to squeeze one foot into a shoe that is too tight, or slip in one that is too big. For a small number of people, the size difference is so marked that they land up buying two pairs of shoes, and have a cupboard full of odd ones that never get worn.

4. Quality materials: The materials used to make made-to-measure shoes are likely to be superior to those used in mass-produced shoes. However, a note of caution should be added about the stitching. Machines are able to produce tough accurate stitching. So can a craftsman – but they do have to be able to produce high quality work.

5. Personal touches: If you’re buying made-to-measure shoes you get the opportunity to design a unique pair of shoes with personal touches, which can be purely decorative or for comfort.

6. Longevity: If you have chosen a quality craftsman, the finished shoes will last a lot longer than a mass-produced pair.

7. Comfort: Well-made made-to-measure shoes should never rub, cause blisters, or pinch your feet in a way that some mass-produced shoes do.

There are many advantages to buying made-to-measure shoes not least because they provide an opportunity for the buyer to have a pair of shoes that are absolutely unique. It’s not all good news of course. Made-to-measure shoes are generally more expensive than mass-produced ones and the best quality crafted shoes will be very expensive indeed. However there are a range of price points in the made-to-measure market, decide what it is you want and shop around to find out what you can expect to reach your budget.

And if you do decide to take the plunge into the world of made-to-measure shoes, just be warned – you might never want to buy a mass-produced pair again.