Love Your Skin: For All It Does For You

On the scientific level, skin is a protective covering for the body, sealing in the organs, muscles, tendons and other systems away from contaminants. On the human level, our skin can be our glory, the place where we whisper our softest scents, and receive warm kisses and caresses.

Our skin does a lot for us, including filtering waste products (through sweating) and keeping out bad germs. It also stretches to keep up with our growth, (sometimes at a huge risk to itself) and allows us to prevent our most attractive picture to the outside world. (Think how scary we would be without skin.) For all of these reasons, we should love our skin in every way that we possibly can. Simple ways to do this include:

Eat well and stay properly hydrated. Skin cells need the proper nutrition to help rebuild each day. Dehydrated skin can become tight, itchy or cracked and inflamed leading us to scratch and break it open. This in turn can lead to infections and scarring. Eating well also helps maintain a proper weight so that our skin does not have to stretch unduly. The more weight we gain, especially in the case of rapid weight gain, the more likely we are to develop stretch marks which are unsightly and in some cases, painful.

Take proper care of it. A good skin care routine should be one of the most important parts of your day and should only take a few minutes of your precious time. Use the right products for your individual skin type but do not over cleanse.

Do not damage or harm it. Avoid smoking and baking yourself out in the sun- both are known to damage your skin. Do not pick at blemishes or sores. Do not use harsh, abrasive cleansers and seriously consider whether you really need a chemical peel to be happy with your skin’s condition.

Inspect it thoroughly and often. Your skin can sometimes be the first clue that something is wrong internally, so always check yourself. Watch moles and freckles for changes that could indicate cancer, and note any differences in skin texture, color or density. Any changes in your skin should be discussed with your doctor.

Pamper it every now and then. Your skin does so much hard work for you, don’t you think that it deserves a special treat every now and then? If you can afford a visit to a spa every now and then, you should by all means do so, but if not, then treat yourself to a spa at home.

Buy or make a delicious, slightly decadent body scrub, put on a facial mask, even treat your hair as well and then relax in a fluffy robe. Light some candles and play some relaxing music to complete the experience and love your skin. Chances are it will love your right back.