Lite Sprites Story – What Happens When Bleak Steals The Colours?

Once again the lite sprites are providing fun and games for girls. There in the magic world of Lite-Topia it seems that there is always something happening to interest and amuse all little girls.

All was quiet on this particular day in Lite-Topia. The pets were all sitting quietly, on their logs in the Tree of Lite and even the firefly was asleep, because she had had a very busy day.

Prisma was trying to rub some dirty finger marks off the lite wand. It had fallen on the table when they were eating and Meadow had gotten gooseberry jam on it. Oh yuk!

Astra was polishing her golden ring, while sitting on the balcony and Brooke was outside, trailing her fingers in the river as she watched the sun starting to go down. It was just the right time for something unusual to happen, no birds were singing and no breeze was blowing.

Where is Meadow? Said Prisma, she can come and clean this jam off, it is so yucky and sticky. She is down by the waterfall, said Brooke. I can just see her. Oh-oh now she is running back ever so quickly, Meadow, Meadow, what is the matter?

At first Meadow was out of breath, but then she managed to tell them. It is Bleak, she is taking all the colors from the best places to play. She has taken the blue from the waterfall and the purple from the swing set. Now everything is white - we have to go and stop her!

Just then, the large flower at the bottom of the field lost all its pink and went totally white too. They could just see Bleak glow pink for a moment as she swallowed the pink from the flower, then she ran off into the darkness.

Don't panic girls, said Prisma. She snatched up the wand and holding it tightly, ran to the waterfall. She gave the water back its blue color and then she ran to the swing set. It looked so sad without its purple shading, so she did some magic with the wand and all was ok again. The little yellow swing swung cheerfully in the purple swing set.

What will Bleak do next do you think? I think she will go to the windmill, it is the furthest away. Just as Meadow said that, the sky was lit up by the windmill's rainbow of colors, which then changed to white and went out.

That is it, we have got her, said Prisma. Stand here, either side of the path, She will try to get the Tree of Lite next and we will catch her before she gets there.

The Lite sprites waited quietly, hiding behind grass and trees and hedges. Then along came Bleak, she was smiling to herself. But that soon disappeared when Prisma made her next magic spell. Suddenly, Bleak was glowing all the colors of the rainbow! She stopped, looking down at herself with shock.

That is enough, said Prisma. You will remain all these colors for a whole day. That is your punishment for stealing the colours from Lite-Topia.

Bleak ran away crying and Prisma twirled the wand. Now all the color was back in all the places where it should be.

This is the way Lite-Topia should be, said Prisma. All the lite sprites can be happy again.

Now I think its time for all little sprites to go to bed, Prisma said. It has been a hard day