Lite Sprites Story – Sometimes It Rains, Even In Lite-topia

Once upon a time in Lite-Topia, the sky was still dark when the Lite-Sprites got up in the morning. They hurried to the Tree of Lite, ready to make the sky pink with the lovely Lite Sprites wand. But today, even when the Tree was lit up, the sky stayed very dark.

The Lite Sprites - Prisma, Brooke, Meadow and Astra -  went up to the balcony in the elevator and looked all around. As far as they could see, all around the forest was dark. There was no sun in the sky yet, nor moon or stars; just the dark clouds. It is as if Bleak is in charge of the day, said Brooke.

Oh that is not a nice thing to say, said princess Prisma. Bleak cannot help being dark and colorless; she does not have a special color like we all do. I am sorry said Brooke, but even though I love blue, I do not like this bluey-grey sky today, it makes me want to go back to bed. I know just what you mean, said Astra. When the sun is hiding away like this, I just feel tired as well.

Then suddenly, from far, far away, came the rumble of thunder. This does not happen very much in Lite-Topia, so the Sprites were not sure what it was in the beginning. Oh,Oh, OHHH they said. And then the rain came down; at first small droplets, then larger and larger drops, until the whole Tree of Lite was wet and all the flowers too. Where are all the pets, said Meadow, I can see some of them, sitting snugly in their logs and keeping dry, but where are the snail, the frog, the turtle, the firefly, the butterfly and the caterpillar?

Now the Lite Sprites were starting to panic about their pets. The frog and the turtle will be fine, said Prisma calmly, so will the snail. He will just curl up into his house; yes and the caterpillar will climb up a big plant to get out of the rain, he can hide under a leaf.

Yes, yes, the others agreed and then Astra remembered that the firefly and the butterfly had both decided to go into the forest last night, to visit the big flower. The firefly was sitting on the butterfly’s wings and she was lighting the way, so the butterfly did not get lost.

I am sure they will be fine said Prisma, but she was just a bit worried herself. The raindrops were huge and the firefly and the butterfly were so small; they could not fly if they got too wet. As soon as it stops raining, we will run to the big flower and check to see if they arrived safely.

Just then, there was a plop, as a very wet and tired caterpillar flopped down on the balcony. Home, it said, I am home. Meadow picked him up and dried him off ,very gently, with her handkerchief . Where have you been?  she said. I was just outside when it started to rain, said the caterpiller, but I could not make the elevator work from down there, so I had to climb all the way up the tree to come home.

They were all very pleased to see him. Look the sun, the sun, shouted Astra. Hurrah, hurrah! The Lite sprites all smiled, because the day of the rain was getting better all the time. Prisma picked up her wand and she and he sisters ran down the stairs of the tree house, out across the fields and forest to the big pink flower.

Its petals were closed and it looked as if it were asleep. Prisma used the wand to open the petals and what did they find when the petals opened? Inside curled up close together, dry and warm and a little sleepy after their adventurous flight, were the firefly and the butterfly. We do not like rain, they said together. Neither do we, said the Lite sprites.

How about you, do you like the Rain?