Lite Sprites Story Of The Midsummer Ball

One of the greatest pleasures for little girls with lite sprites to play with, is the stories they can act out. These can be done by one girl with nothing but lite sprite dolls and her imagination. There can sometimes be even more fun, when little girls get together with their friends and their fairy dolls, to make stories and adventures together.

Why not tell your little girl this story and see what she thinks?

Every year in the middle of summer, the Lite Sprites are invited to a Midsummer Night Ball. This Ball takes places in the great clearing in the enchanted forest of Lite-Topia. All the sprites, elves and fairies of Lite-Topia can get together and celebrate with their best friends.

This year, the summer I am telling you about, the theme of the party was sparkle. All the Lite-Sprite girls were spending their time discussing what shade of their favourite colours they should wear and how they could make these colours sparkle. They were all sitting around the Tree of Lite and got very excited discussing what to do.

Brook said ‘I will choose the blue of the mountain stream and I will add the sparkle of the water flowing over the little rocks.’ Her sisters thought that sounded wonderful and tried to think of something equally good for their costumes. Finally Meadow said ‘I will take the green from the eye of a cat’. Her sisters were not so sure, but she said ‘just think how their eyes shine at night’.

Astra’s choice was easy; she chose the yellow of the twinkling first stars to come out at night. So that just left Prisma; she thought and thought and then she said ‘I will take my sparkle from a bottle of pink champagne’. Hurrah so now we will all sparkle at the ball.

In all the excitement about the Ball, Bleak thought they had forgotten about her, as usual. She sat on a tall stool in her dark cellar and said to herself ‘I am like Cinderella, I cannot go to the ball, because I do not have a fine sparkly dress to wear’. She was very unhappy and was thinking about how she could steal a sparkly color from somewhere, on her way to the ball. As she thought, she crept closer and closer to where the sisters were laughing and discussing who would be at the Ball.

Soon, she was within wand striking distance of Prisma’s beautiful magic wand. She listened to their excited voices, but could not see what they were actually doing, because of the tears in her eyes.

And what were the sisters doing? Well, they were spreading out, so that they surrounded Bleak. This time she was wrong; they had not forgotten about her and they had made a plan, so that they could stop her running away from them. Suddenly, Prisma stretched out her arm with the wand in it and touched a spider’s web in the corner of the window. The spider’s web was grey, but it sparkled with drops of morning dew.

It was a perfect color for Bleak and the sisters hoped she would not reject it. Prisma grabbed the color and its sparkles from the spider’s web and touched it to Bleak’s arm. Now she was grey, but she sparkled like she had never sparkled before.

The sisters smiled and told her – now you can go to the Ball Bleak. You do not have to walk with us if you do not want to, but you can come and sparkle in the night in the enchanted forest until dawn, when the sparkles will dry up in the morning sun.

So all the lite sprites went to the Ball, even Bleak. Although she was so shy she kept on the edges, she did have a sparklingly lovely time.

I wonder what fun and stories your little girl can imagine when she spends time with a lite sprites playset and some of her friends.