Lite Sprites Stories – Brooks Special Day

When a child's imagination really gets to work, there seem to be no limits to the situations and stories they can make up. When playing with their lite sprite dolls, little girls can be so creative. It does not matter whether it is just her and her favourite fairy dolls, or her along with friends and their lite sprites.

This story concerns Brooks’s special day; it was her birthday. No, do not ask how old she is, that is rude because it is impolite to ask a lady how old she is - especially a fairy doll lady.

Brook is a special little lady, she is the water-loving lite sprite and her special colour is blue. She just loves blue, all shades of  blues, right from the palest pastel, to the deepest midnight blue.

On her special day, the other lite sprites all used blue as their color, in her honor. When she came by looking for them, they were hiding by the waterfall.

Boo, said Meadow, as she jumped out from behind a large green, dandelion plant. Happy Birthday Brook. Meadow’s blue was a greeny, watery, silky blue. It looked really lovely in the sun shine.

Boo again, said Astra. Happy Birthday Brook, as she slid out from behind a large yellow daffodil flower. Astra’s blue was a sunshiny yellowy blue like the day.

Prisma was standing by the waterfall. Her blue exactly matched the colour of the tumbling water and she was holding a parcel, wrapped in beautiful silvery blue wrapping paper.

It was of course Brook’s birthday present. Brook opened the parcel carefully, she did not want to spoil the paper and there inside was a small blue box. Inside the box was a ring, with a turquoise blue stone. Brook was so excited she suddenly changed her blue to the exact colour of the stone in the ring.

Thank you, thank you, this is the best present ever, she said. Then she stopped and turned towards the water fall.

There was Bleak, who was crying; she was so unhappy. No one gives me beautiful presents on my birthday, she sobbed. The sisters ran over to her to comfort her. There, there Bleak, Prisma said  don’t cry. Here, you can have a present today, on Brook’s special day.

With that, princess Prisma  took the wand and touched the water in the river. Then she touched Bleak lightly with the wand. Suddenly Bleak glowed a beautiful blue, just the same color as the water in the river.

So Bleak soon stopped crying and started to smile and enjoy the special day. She really was  like one of the sisters now; they were all sharing a color and they were all celebrating Brook’s birthday.

The whole day they played and sang and danced around, by the river and the waterfall. Then, when it was time for bed, Prisma lifted the magic wand high and it gave out a clear blue light. That way, the little lite sprites walked carefully home, down the blue path away from the blue river off to bed in the old castle.

Bleak thought it was one of the best days she had ever had. She had not been naughty once and felt so happy to have been a good little lite sprite. As the sky became darker, her blue color faded away.

Ah well, tomorrow is another day she thought.