Lite Sprites Fun Games For Girls At The Picnic

With lite sprites, there is so much fun and games for little girls. With just a little imagination, a whole world of fairy magic is available for girls, either on their own with their sprites, or together with friends.

Once upon a time on a beautiful summer day, not so long ago, the Lite Sprites decided it was time to go on a picnic. This time, they would not go to the Tree of Lite, where they usually played, but they wanted to go deeper into the woods to the Waterfall, near where the water sprites play.

So first, they went into their food cupboard to choose  what food to take with them on the picnic. Of course it had to be light and easy to carry and it was important that they all liked it, so that everyone could share and eat something from the picnic.

Meadow's favourite color is green, so she likes green food; she decided to make a green salad for the picnic. She took some fresh lettuce, a cucumber and a few scallions along with a fresh green pepper. She sliced them up, put them in her green salad bowl and she was ready to go.

Astra loves the color yellow, so when she chose her food, she took some fresh eggs from the cupboard. They had lovely deep yellow yolks and she cooked them and made some egg sandwiches. She also found some pieces of beautiful yellow cheese, so she packed them too in her yellow sandwich box.

Brook was a little bit stuck for a few minutes. Her favourite color is blue; would her sisters like blue food? Then she had a great idea; she found some blue berries and some blue grapes.  She packed them into her bright blue box, to take with her to the picnic.

So now they were ready. Prisma was ready too, she picked up her wand and set off to lead the way to the Waterfall by the river. They were chatting away and they did not notice a grey shadow following them. Of course, it was Bleak.

They had not invited her to go along to the picnic, in fact they had forgotten all about her in their excitement. When they arrived at the waterfall, the sprites were tired and hungry, so they decided to eat before they explored the area. Prisma laid a pink cloth on the green grass.

They all set out their food and began to share it and talk about the things they wanted to do, later that afternoon. When the food was finished, the Sprites - like good little picnickers - cleared up all their litter and packed their boxes away. Brook wandered over toward the river and gazed at the deep blue water. Astra sat by the waterfall and drew a picture of the sun shining down on the scene, while Prisma sat on the Waterfall swing. It was one of her favourite places to be. What about Meadow?

Well Meadow was looking for different greens. She liked the green of the grass and the deep dark green of the pine trees, but she was sure if she went deeper into the wood, she would find other greens to look at.

All of a sudden, she saw a long shiny green flash and she followed it deep into the wood. She stopped when she found it curled around a tree. It was a shiny green snake with red eyes. The scales on its back were a wonderful iridescent green color that she had never seen before. Prisma, Prisma, she shouted to her sister. Bring the wand, I want to catch this green, I have found a green snake.

Now Prisma only heared the word snake and she panicked. She ran towards her sister, forgetting the wand on the swing and picking up a large stone, ready to throw at the snake. As soon as she caught up with her sister, she realised that there was no problem, so she ran back to the Waterfall to get her wand. Oh no! it had disappeared, and she could just see a grey shape sneaking back towards the Tree of Lite.

Sisters, to me quickly! Bleak has the wand; come and help me catch her. The sisters all stopped what they were doing and ran after Prisma, who was chasing after the fleeing Bleak. Just as they thought they had lost the race, Bleak arrived at the Tree of Lite. That was when she made her big mistake; she looked back at the running sisters with a sly smile. As she did that, the tree put out a root and Bleak tripped right over it. She fell at the bottom of the tree, having had to  let go of the wand. 

As soon as she arrived at the tree, Prisma picked up her wand and then tried to help Bleak. But the unhappy  Bleak would not speak to her, she simply fled back to her dark cellar, where she felt safe.

All the good little lite sprites were happy, now that the wand was found again. They went back to the waterfall and collected their things, ready to go home.

When they arrived home, they all agreed that pinics in the wood are great fun and games for girls.