Lite Sprites And Their Pets – All Is Well In The End

Life is just so much fun for little girls and their lite sprites. Every day seems to bring new stories about adventures and things to do in the magical made-up land of Lite-Topia. Even when things are a bit sad, it usually turns out for the best.

One sunny day in the fall, when the leaves were coming down off the trees, Astra was walking through the forest of Lite-Topia, when she saw Meadow sitting by a tree. Hi Meadow, want to play kicking leaves, Astra said. Then she saw that Meadow was in tears, why you are crying she asked her sister.

Oh I am so silly, Meadow said. I was walking in the woods with my favourite pets, the snail and the frog. The snail was going very slowly, so the frog and I were out in front of him. Then Bleak jumped out from behind a tree; she said Boo! and the frog was so frightened, he hopped off and I could not find him. Then I saw that she had taken my lovely green lite away.

Now I am not a green sprite any more. I have lost all the color from my clothes and the snail has disappeared too. Oh what shall I do, what shall I do? Prisma will be cross if the snail is lost, because she loves him so very much. Hmm, said Astra, naughty Bleak, that was a very mean thing to do. The frog is so easily frightened by strange noises, but you were silly to let the snail get so far behind you. He is so easy to lose among all these leaves.

I know, I know said Meadow, that is why I was crying. I should have been concentrating and looking out for Bleak, not singing and skipping along the path.

Just then there was a flapping sound and Prisma’s butterfly swooped down next to them. Prisma is coming, we must look for the pets, help me please, said Meadow. Stop panicking Meadow, Prisma knows the sort of things Bleak does to scare us, when we are playing on our own. She can give you your lovely green back, if she has the wand with her.

Luckily, Prisma did have her wand with her. She was not angry with Meadow, but she was a bit cross with Bleak. She soon gave Meadow a lovely green, from the leaves of the big flower, which was just next to the tree where they were all sitting.

Then just as they were all setting off to look for the snail and the frog, they heard a 'ribbet, ribbet' coming from the folded petals of the flower. Prisma touched the flower with her wand, the petals opened and there in the middle of the flower sat the surprised looking frog. He was so pleased to be released, but he had been very glad when the flower had hidden him from Bleak.

Meanwhile, the Butterfly was investigating the trail behind where Meadow had walked. Suddenly she swooped down and began madly flapping her wings and making the leaves fly in all directions.

Look, oh look, clever butterfly. There was the snail; he was totally bemused, but the leaves had  floated down from the huge Tree of Lite and covered him, so that Bleak had not been able to steal his color.

The clever butterfly had seen his trail, ending in the spot where she found him. Now the lite sprites and their pets were all back together. All’s well that ends well said Prisma, we are all such lucky little lite sprite dolls.

Time for supper said the frog, ribbet ribbet.