Ladies Watches

Ladies Watches

Unlike in the past, ladies watches are now used more for accessories rather than as a necessary item just for telling the time. Back in the older days, ladies would wear pendant watches around their necks instead but now they are worn on the wrists and used to match their outfits.

This is actually good news not just for the manufacturers but for the men as well because getting a gift for your special woman is going to be much easier now. For the guys out there who are at a loss for a gift on a special occasion, you can consider getting one of those ladies watches that you can find in the marketplace.

Since women like to wear wrist watches as an accessory, most of them have more than one watch so you will not go wrong if you buy her one for a special occasion. However, just ensure that you know her likes and dislikes so you can get her a watch that you know she will use. Giving your love one a timepiece will show your love for her as well so you want her to know that you understand her well.

Basically there are 3 broad categories of watches for ladies that you can consider getting and they are dress watches, jewelry watches as well as sport watches designed especially for women. So how do they differ in order that you do not buy the wrong one? Here are some vital information to help you.

Dress Watches For Ladies

These are watches worn on formal occasions, such as dinner at a posh restaurant and since the ladies are likely to be wearing a formal evening gown, she will need something suitable to match the dress. If you intend to get a formal dress watch, go for something elegant looking. You can either get the ones with leather straps, and in that case, black straps will be good or you can get the ones with metal bands.

Jewelry Watches For Ladies

These kinds of watches are similar in nature and use as the dress watches but they are usually more expensive as there are precious gems, such as diamonds, crafted on the timepiece. Such watches are also worn at formal occasions to match formal evening gowns and could be made of gold as well as silver.

Ladies Sport Watches

As the name implies, sport watches should be something sporty, suitable for various activities such as cliff diving, swimming, running, rock climbing, etc. You cannot expect the lady to wear an elegant dress watch on such occasions so a sport watch will do the job. These watches can also be used on an informal occasion such as usual outing or even to work.

It has to be durable, tough and water proof so that the person using it does not have to worry about scratching it during the activities. There should also be other features such as compass, countdown timer, stopwatch, flashlight or a thermometer installed in the watch.

Now that you are aware of the various different types of ladies watches you can get for your special woman, your next step is to go to the right place to buy it. To save you the hassle of going to a shopping mall, why not shop online? It is more convenient and will usually be cheaper too.