For many people keloid scar removal is a big issue. If you don't know what a keloid is than you are most likely fortunate not to have one or maybe you only have a small barely noticeable one some place on your body unseen by others. For others, having a keloid is very depressing and something to be rid of. This is especially true if the keloid is on a very noticeable area of the body, and are most conspicuous and detracting when on the face.

Our bodies are amazing when you think about their healing abilities. Sometimes this amazing ability get carried away and over does things a bit. That is what a keloid scar is. After the said injury is healed the body does not quit the growth at cellular levels. Extra fibrous cells or collagens extend farther than what is needed to heal the injured area.

Because the keloid or extra growth can become red like or dark purple and is swollen or bumped-up above the skin it is highly visible and has an abnormal look about it.. Even smaller ones are highly noticeable because of this.

Enough said about what a keloid is, let's talk about keloid scar removal.

If a keloid scar is the result of the body over-healing itself it would make sense to avoid invasive treatments such as laser or other surgeries that will again activate the healing processes and adding to the problem, making it worse. Not that these treatments have no value, just that they should be used as a last resort after non-invasive treatments have been exhausted with little to no results.

Usually drastic measures can be avoided unless scars are very severe or in locations that restrict mobility such as knees or elbows. In these cases surgery might be needed followed up by aggressive anti-scarring therapy to reduce development of additional keloid tissue.

For most of us non invasive treatments to flatten and reduce size, such as topical treatments, is a better option. The advantage of these techniques is low cost and can be used in the privacy of your own home. Being all natural these will be without side effects or other risks if done correctly.

You will have to do your homework however. You will have to take into considerations such as your race, age and the type of skin you have to decide on a treatment path perfect for you. But with information available these days there is no reason why you can't accomplish keloid scar removal, many have.

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