Mobile devices are the most popular electronic equipment we use. We take them everywhere and operate them in all sorts of situations where they can get damaged. Specially LCD screens can get scratched very easily. Scratches on your screen are irritating and they constantly make you think why didn't I watch out. Scratched iPhone screen is terrible, it spoils the whole effect. I hate it.

I once went to the beach with my girlfriend and my iPhone, I did not have any kind of screen protector on it because it was supposed to be scratch resistant. I was watching out but when we were coming back to the hotel, I throw it in our beach beg and there must had been some sand. When I got the iPhone out few minutes later the screen had a couple of deep scratches. Things like that leave you wondering what can you do to prevent this from happening in the future. Screen protector is an obvious answer. There is wide variety of iPhone 4 screen protectors available on the market and they work rather well. You can get them through online stores and have them delivered within the next day or two.

It makes sense to start using screen protector when the iPhone is brand new since you can then keep your screen crystal clear for a long, long time. Every time your screen protector gets scratched you can pill it of. You put a new protective film in place and your iPhone is like new.

Screen protectors are made of urethane-based film. In the past there used to be a thin layer of glue on one side so you could stick it to your phone. More modern solution is based on static properties of the film to adhere the film seamlessly to the screen. This way you can also be 100% sure there will be no sticky residue when exchanging it for a new one. On the front side the film is anti-static so nothing gets attached to it and it is also covered with anti-glare coating to make sure the screen stays visible in bright light conditions.

Popular iPhone mirror effect screen protectors use an old two way mirror trick. Which essentially is a mirror that has a very thin layer of reflecting coating. This make the mirror partially reflective and partially transparent. The condition is it has to be bright on one side of the mirror and dark on the other. That's why when your screen is turned off the mirror is reflective, because it is dark underneath the film. When the screen is turned on there are bright light conditions on both sides of the film and the mirror disappears. iPhone 4 screen protectors are a good way of keeping your screen scratch free for a long time. They are easy to adhere and very cheap. LCD screen protectors can simply save your screen.