If you haven't heard about the Amazon Kindle by now, you perhaps are living at a hermit village far far away. All jokes aside, the Amazon Kindle 2 in itself has taken over the literary world by storm. I myself am a huge fan of this gadget. If you also have multiple friends and family that you incredibly trust, you can also sharing Kindle books with them.

As a reader you can find family and friends that you trust with your Kindle accounts in order to share Kindle books with them. Make sure that you never share your Kindle accounts with people you do not trust, since your account does contain your credit card attachment and this is sensitive information that you don't want to just share with any stranger, but only those people closest to you.

With your Kindle account, you are able to share books in very much the same way that you may have been used to with ordinary and traditional paperback books, only this time, you are sharing Kindle books.

So how exactly can you share Kindle books ?

You need to first off own an Amazon Kindle DX or Amazon Kindle 2 e-reader,in order to start sharing Kindle books. Then you at least need to have some ebooks downloaded onto your device.

If you know of other good family and friends that also own the Amazon Kindle and you share similar literary taste, then you can request that you start to share Kindle books.

The other thing you need to do, is to de-register your Kindle from your account and instead register it under your family or friend's account. Then you can download the ebooks that you want to share with your friends or family and just like that they will be on your Amazon Kindle !

Right after you de-register from your Amazon Kindle 2 from your friend's or family member's account, you can also re-register your account back. That's all you do and you're done. If in the case that your friend or family member would like to read the ebooks on your kindle, all you really need to do is just do everything in reverse and place their Kindle on your account. Then you can be well on your way to sharing Kindle books !

Your Amazon Kindle ebooks come with a Digital Rights Management protective software (DRM) , this is just to make sure that you can download the ebook for a set amount of times. Similar to the songs you can download on i-Tunes, once you reach your ebook download limit, you can not download the ebook again with a repurchase. If you intend to share Kindle books, you should remain aware of the download limit for ebooks on Amazon. For ebook downloads, the number of downloads is estimated at 5-6 times for every ebook, this of course depends on the book title negotiations and the publisher.

Still looking for a reading device ?

When it comes to the Kindle vs iPad, it's possible to see just how the Kindle compares to the iPad and the comparison in price and features will be able to allow you to make the proper decision as to which device suits your needs. Keep in mind there are Kindle apps out there suitable for the PC, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry e.t.c