You may not be really aware of this but chances are that you could most probably be wearing a wrong bra size. If you are suffering from that odd backache then that could be due to a wrongly fitted bra and this is why it is imperative that you use an accurate bra size calculator.

Researches reveal that there are quite a few health related issues that may arise if you wear an incorrectly measured bra. This is one of the reasons why that you as a woman should have correct measurements which would help to eliminate such issues. So, how to measure bra size? The simple answer is through a bra size calculator. This tool can help you determine if the bra that you are wearing is of actual size or not.

Before you choose between a big bra, cotton bra and even a bridal bra, you must use this calculator to ascertain that you have the right size. This calculator can be easily found on the internet and in fact it can be used totally free. You can also come across certain instructions that can help you take the right measurements.

Taking right measurements before you buy bra online

While taking the measurement of your chest area, you would need to focus on three spots to help determine the right bra size. To be able to figure out an appropriate size, you would need to measure the area that is directly under the bust.

Whenever you go for a cup bra, you would need to measure the fullest point or area of your breasts. This can be done by wrapping the measuring tape around the breasts and by starting from the back and going all the way to fullest tip.

Finally, you should also measure the spot that goes directly just above your breasts to be able to determine the correct size of your bra. Once you are able to get the appropriate measurements, you can then input them in the appropriate boxes as asked for in the bra size calculator and the size is calculated in time at all.

The next time you buy a cotton bra, bridal bra or a cup bra, do ensure that you take your right measurement and then only go ahead with your online bra shopping. Remember to only go for the best bra that would easily fit you and not for any bra just because of its style and fabric. If you look around, you are sure to come across quite a few online shops that offer a variety of lingerie products in different shapes and sizes. Some of these online stores also have size charts as well as conversion calculators that can help you purchase the best bra possible as per your size or measurement.

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