Hi guys, I hope you are all well. I just wanted to share to you some information that I found on the internet regarding cool gadgets. I know some of you may have known it already for quite sometime now. But I was really amazed of how today’s technology has improved that even a small gadget can have a movie player or mp3 player on it specially if that thing is a 3D glasses. I am a high-tech gadgets enthusiast so whenever I find something that is of interest to me I easily get hooked up with it even if I can’t afford to buy it. I then start to daydream as If I have those type of things that I can brag with my friends. But like I said I want to share with you the things that I like and maybe give you some information just in case you are looking for these types of things.

I was able to find these gadgets on Zetronix. They offer not only the 3D glasses but also other cool stuffs intended for leisure and necessity as well like high-resolution nanny spy cam. I just noticed that the products on the website are cheaper compared to other sites selling the same. What I like the most is the Zpad which is pretty much the same as Ipad but is cheaper and the memory is upgradable up to 34GB. It is using Google Android 2.1 OS. I have checked the products they’re selling and there are a lot like different accessories i.e. charger, adapter DVD player, memory cards, batteries for 3D glasses etc. I admire the digital camcorders too as it looks cool and clear.

I hope I was able to give you some valuable information if you are looking for these types of high-tech gadgets. I am happy to share with you my thoughts and ideas. Who knows some of you may really be looking for some ideas on where to find the things you’re looking for. And if this is the case, then you can just leave a comment as a way of saying thank you if I have given you some valuable inputs on where to find things that you need.

You can Visit their site at Zetronix.com. See if you can find what you want in there. I enjoyed looking at their products specially the features that each gadget offers. They are really incredible.