The debate of high heels vs ballet pumps has been going on for decades and it is bound to continue for many years to come.This is because there is something to be said for each side of the argument.. For decades women have endured high heeled shoes despite all the effects of these shoes on one's body because they complete one's image of looking well dressed and chic. It's unbelievable that women, in the name of fashion and beauty, we can be seen teetering around in outrageous high heels, even if our feet would be killing us. Yet today too, wearing ballet pumps, on occasions, are seen to be just as fashionable, more comfortable and practical by many.

While wearing high heels or stilettos, one's posture is not only altered but some stagger or wobble precariously while walking, or cling to banisters as they negotiate climbing stairs. Actually it's not our egos only that gets bruised when we completely forsake flat shoes for high heels, for recent investigations have shown that there is an increase in the number of women admitted to hospitals for conditions related to high heels. Undoubtedly, constant, wearing of high heels has been shown to adversely affect one's foot health and posture.

Some expert osteopaths, on the subject, have been telling us for years that the injuries to our feet caused by high heels such as bunions and shortened achilles tendons can be permanent. And yet we continue to wear high heels and in some cases the higher the better. Gone were the days when 4 inch heels were seen as outrageous, but one can read in the media if starlet wearing 6 inch heels even higher. Most of us also never seem to stop and ask the question, is fashion more important than our health? For the effects to our bodies, of wearing high heels, do not only include foot health,, they also include back and posture problems.

Back strain or pain, bunions,strain on ankles, knee joints have also been reported to be just some of the consequences of wearing high heels. However, of note too is the fact that, osteopaths have also found that a completely flat shoes is not good for one's spine either but that a tiny heel is better for your lower back and your posture, so it is advisable to always vary the height of your footwear, so that you won't shorten your achilles tendons with high heels or over-stretch them with complete flats.

For high heel wearers, the alternative footwear that's taking the fashion world by storm is the ballerina type flats often termed ballet flats, ballet pumps or foldable ballet flats just to name a few titles. Ballerina pumps seem to be everywhere and seem to be accepted by many women including starlets and celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Heidi Klum, Hayden Panettiere and many others. Undoubtedly, most women and city girls like to kick off their high heels after a hard day at work, shopping or at the end of the night, after partying. Ballet flats come in hand to relief the tortured feet .

So, while people are still wearing high heeled shoes it is becoming more and more acceptable to be seen in ballet pumps,even on the cat walk, models were seen at the Paris, Karl Lagerfield's haute couture show at the end of January 2011, modelling in beautiful ballet flats. Which must have been a great comfort and relief for the young models as they didn't have to worry about teetering on high heels, with the likelihood of triping, tumbling or falling. But most importantly to the fashion world, Lagerfield seemed to have deemed, the ballerina flats to be the height of chic. And in the scheme of things regarding fashion, what the catwalk promotes, we follow. Ballet pumps are being sold in many high street shops today. Without a doubt, the cute, classy ballet pumps have arrived.

Arguably, to most us busy types,ballet pumps have liberated us in many ways; a well-fitting pair of ballet flats, are not only fashionable but accords ease of use and comfort to a city girl while rushing to catch a train to and from work, or even when coming from a party or pub crawl. The ballerina pumps also come in handy if one has to run an errand outside, during office hours or going to for lunch, as you can easily swap your killer high heels for the comfy flats.

today, most of us are even in the habit of carrying a pair of foldable ballet flats in one's bag for use when need be. Ever noticed how women who love their high heels, also slip out of their high heels and into pumps to walk home.Sense and sensibility at last. Arguably, now it seems the tide has turned, high heels and good flat shoes have become fashionable again. For me, the leather ballet pumps are my favorite, as they are so comfortable and practical.