Herbal Makeup: Helping Nature with Nature

Its what is on the inside that counts…how many times did our mothers tell us that when we were younger, usually after we begged to be allowed to wear makeup for the nine hundredth time? We all found our little tricks around the no makeup rule with natural tricks that had actually been used for an eternity, but with so many scary chemicals in today’s makeup and beauty care products the natural and herbal tricks are making a strong comeback.

As with anything that you put into or onto your body, use caution with new products especially if you have sensitive skin or are prone to allergens and make sure that nothing you use will react with any medications that you are already taking.

Tips from head to toe… Hair Care

1) Use teabags to brighten your hair’s color between salon visits to maximize your hair’s good health. Use chamomile for blonde hair, roobias or other red tea for red hair, and black tea for brunette shades. Steep the tea, strain and then add to your final rinse, leaving on for longer for longer to increase the appearance, or less time for a lighter rinse. Finish with cooler water for added shine.

2) Mash a banana, some mayonnaise and a little bit of olive oil and work through your hair. Cover with a plastic cap if you wish and leave on for about fifteen minutes. Rinse thoroughly and marvel at your mane of soft and luxurious hair.

Face Care and Makeup

1) Brighten your face with a tomato mask. Crush tomatoes and apply in a thin layer. Leave on for five minutes and then rinse off.

2) Use honey as a facial moisturizer and all around miracle worker. Apply in a thin layer and then rinse off gently with tepid water. Mix honey and sea salt into a thin paste, apply to lips and then gently wipe off for a delicious and delicate exfoliation. Use plain honey in a thin layer as a lip-gloss that not only softens your lips, but protects them as well.

3) To make all-natural eyeliner, burn the edge of a cork slightly, let cool and then smudge along lash line for a sultry look.

Skin Care

1) Get out the tea bags again, this time in your bath water to soak your entire body into a youthful glow. Tie several tea bags of your choice together and let your bath water flow over them. Steep yourself and think wonderful, tranquil thoughts.

2) The most decadent, and most wonderful herbal creation ever: Sea salt, olive oil, cocoa powder and rosemary. Blend all of the ingredients together (don’t worry about measuring, it is all by sight here) and then apply to your skin from neck to foot. Step into a warm shower and scrub away all tension, dead skin and then revel in your newly released inner beauty.