Ah, to be able to go on a ride along with people who do certain types of jobs. There are chances for people, especially at risk youth to go on the ride along with the police- it is meant to scare them straight. You can sometimes go for a ride along with the EMTs or the local firefighters but all three of those jobs, valiant and worthwhile, everyone of them, have one thing in common: they are scary. They are dangerous jobs. There is the chance that you will see blood, guts and gore with everyone of them. Wouldn’t it be nice to go on a ride along with people who do happy jobs? Wouldn’t it be nice to go along for a helium balloon delivery instead?

Think about it: people shoot at policemen when they come to the door, but they do not usually fire off a round or two when there is a helium balloon delivery guy at the door. The EMT is only called when someone is sick or hurt or dying or dead. You never call the local firefighter over unless there is an emergency. Those are stressful times and stressful times make stressed out people. Stressed out people are never the nicest group of people in the world.

On the other hand, when you are making a helium balloon delivery, it is for a birthday or a wedding or a prom or a super, end of the month sale at the local car dealer. Everyone is smiling and happy. There might be some high strung, tense people, but they are usually very happy and relieved to see you and your delivery truck. You can see at least a bit of their tension melt off of their faces once again. That is a good feeling, to know that you helped these people even if it was only in the form of some latex and floating air.

The helium balloon delivery guy gets to go to the hospital to deliver balloons to new parents and their little bundles of joy. They get to make sick kids smile for a little bit. They get to take balloons to other places and brighten the day of the people there. People smile when you come and they smile even bigger when you leave. There is rarely anyone who hides in the attic or the basement crawlspace to avoid having to see you. There is no exploding houses and people jumping out of the windows, narrowly escaping with their lives. You never have to make a frantic call and use the words “stat” or grab needles or other things. You don’t have to do any of the things that make those other jobs heroic and brave but scary as well.

You might drive around in your truck making helium balloon delivery after delivery and you might think of those other jobs, wishing to have some of their excitement. But, maybe, just maybe, those guys are in the middle of their roughest day wishing just once that they could be the helium balloon delivery guy, if even for just one single day.