Gift Ideas for Women – How to Find Jewelry Gifts for Your Geeky Girl

Whether it’s for her birthday, Valentin’s day or just because you want to show her your love you need to man up and buy her something pretty, and thanks god 99% of the women love jewelry.

I started this post about gift ideas for women with a little skepticism about my title but just to be clear, the jewelry here will be welcomed by every lady out there with a little sympathy to those great show or just because they are truly beautiful designs which make a perfect gifts for geeks who know the meaning behind them.

The Golden Snitch

All of Harry Potter fan will love the wear the golden snitch on their neck, it can symbolize a sign of great achievement or just be wore because it is simple and esthetic.

Arwen Evenstar Pendant

There is nothing else to say about Arwen’s Pendant because it is just perfect!

Even without knowing the whole story about Aragon and Arwen you have to admit it is impressive jewel, diamond like flower with the spiral of leaves behind makes a beautiful and eye catching necklace.

USB Connection Pendant

The next necklace is unisex more than a gift idea for women but the best advise you can have about buying a gift is to get something that will be to match the gift for his (or in this post her) taste.

The USB connection is plain and beautiful pendant that, in our days, really connects to our everyday life.

Hermione Granger's Time Turner

This is a golden necklace with a spinning sand clock between 3 golden circles that can spin (not so much but it still count as spin).

It comes with a wooden box that looks like an old clock, with 1 side made of glass so you could see inside and that’s one of the good virtues about this pendant, you can enjoy it even when it just seats on the desk.

Game of Thrones – Moon of My Life and My Sun and Stars

The new geeky jewelry to replace the old 2 halves of 1 whole kind of necklaces.

They come in gold or silver and can be bout separately, but then you will be missing the whole idea.

The Atom Symbol Earrings

The Atom Earrings is sterling silver with four colorful stones; turquoise, red orange and green.

They are lever backs, approximately 1.25 inches and are perfect when added to a green or blue necklace.

The One Ring

The One Ring is a mandatory item for every lord of the rings fan, it is gold plated 18k with Elvish Script engraved on it.

The whole story of lord of the rings is all about The One Ring and the adventure that took them away from the easy going life in the shire.

It comes in a few colors (blue, black, silver etc.) but for those fans out there that knows that only the One Golden Ring can rule them all.

Skyrim – Dragon Earrings

Those Dragon Earrings are for the high confidant women that aren’t shy about their geeky way of life.

The Skyrim symbol is not common knowledge and the design is pretty neat but it’s not like all the other gift ideas on this list, they usually recognized by the draconic shape they got.

DNA Earrings

Those DNA Earrings got sterling silver lever back, approximately 1.25 inches tall, 0.4 inches width.

The DNA Earrings come packaged in an elegant, glass topped, black box with an informational card about DNA.

Game of Thrones – House Banners Bracelet

The last jewel on this list is the House Banners Bracelet, an item that every woman that watched the show can enjoy.

The Silver plated bracelet include 11 symbols of the major houses in the show and a clear Swarovski crystal represents the white walkers.

The most important part in finding gift ideas for her is that it doesn’t really matter how much it cost, the gesture is the most important part.

If you show her that you had some thoughts about gifts for her, even the small thing like a romantic phrase that somehow connects to the present you bought her will make her happy which is the whole purpose you are looking for a geek gift