Age spots also known as sun spots tend to become obvious in your thirties. However some people don’t get them until their 40s or 50s. Luckily for some people, they never get them at all. For those of us who experience these unsightly spots we want to learn how to treat age spots and get rid of them safely and effectively.

Regardless of when you begin to see these spots your just want them gone. They not only appear on your face they are also visible on your back and hands and makes the skin looks old and wrinkled. They are a constant reminder that you are getting older even though they really have very little to do with aging.

Age spots are caused from melanin formation due to excessive exposure to the UV rays of the sun. People who spend a lot of time in the sun will eventually get them.

If you have sensitive skin you will experience more age spots and you want to ensure optimum protection at all times. Using a broad spectrum sun screen is vital to keeping your skin healthy and prevent these spots from spreading. Continuous exposure to the extreme heat of the sun could also lead to melanoma also known as skin cancer.

Normal age spots do not pose any health risk they are usually harmless. The problem is we just hate to see them. As soon as they become obvious you want to learn how to treat age spots without resorting to those harsh chemical treatments such as chemical peel and laser resurfacing.

Covering age spots is OK for the short term is you have to go on a date or an important meeting. You can use different forms of make up to cover them, however what you ultimately want is to get rid of them so you can expose your skin without being embarrassed.

Eating high antioxidant foods will surely help. Foods such as fruits and vegetables will provide your body with lots of nutrients to help fight free radicals which are caused from too much sun. Free radicals break down your body’s ability to repair itself thus leading to unhealthy looking skin.

Your best and safest way to treat age spot is to use a natural treatment that contains active natural ingredients. Finding a cream that will fade these spots over time is essential. A topical cream which contains ingredients that lightens the skin without causing any harmful side effects. Lots of companies in the U.S. use hydroquinone, which is banned in Europe. This substance will reduce the appearance of the age spots however it can cause other damage to the skin.

A natural substances that lightens the skin without causing any further damage is Extrapone Nutgrass it has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of the age spots , removing blemishes and other skin disorders. Extrapone nutgrass inhibits the activity of melanin therefore preventing any further spots from appearing and getting rid of those already present.

Using a skin whitening cream containing extrapone nutgrass and other natural, active ingredients will surely get rid of age spots and help to make yor skin look much younger and more attractive.