Games For Girls – Discover How Your Daughter Can Handle Bleak

We can gain an enormous amount of pleasure from watching our small children at play. What is more, we can also learn a lot about them; for example, by seeing just what they do in certain situations. You will be fascinated to see just how your little girl can deal with the naughty little lite sprite, called Bleak.

In case the term 'Lite Sprite' does not mean anything to you yet, then I will tell you about the toy which has been voted best girls toy of 2011. The lite sprites are a type of fairy-like doll. Now from this description, do not get the idea that this is something which your daughter will cuddle and dress-up in different outfits of clothes.

This is a very special kind of doll, which belongs to a whole new made-up fairy tale world. There are four individual characters in this little fairy land. Each has its own qualities, which are shown by their own different colour. These colours are important in this new world - which is called Lite Topia.

Because it is a world for little girls, there is of course a princess, who rules over this magic kingdom. She is called Princess Prisma and is a wonderful good lite sprite, with a special magical wand. This wand works its magic by making changes to the various colours.

Now we find out about the 'Bleak' character - the one mentioned in the title. She is the one 'bad' fairy. We know that she is only bad because of what has happened to her. She did not grow up with the happy light and color like the others. Hers was a world of darkness, with no colors at all! This has had the effect of making her into the naughty fairy, who always seems to want to take the colour from the good sprites.

So, it is easy to understand that your little girl's imagination can really get to work on how things are going work out for Bleak, as well as for the others, who are the good little sprites in the kingdom.

This new world of lite sprites can be built up, with different play sets, in various different settings. They make ideal christmas presents, as the individuals could be bought by aunts and uncles etc. and the whole fairy tale land can take shape, either all at once or gradually over time.

Why not find out more about why this world of lite sprites has become so popular so quickly? Perhaps it would be a good idea to start collecting now, to make sure and have the sets ready for a fabulous scene by christmas?

You could well get as much fun watching her using her imagination on these beautiful lite sprite play sets, as she gets in organising her wonderful new world.