Do you ever wonder what kind of foods cause acne break outs? Does your diet matter? The answer is yes. You can still eat food that delicious but you want to start eating foods that will improve your overall complexion. Foods that fight acne are those high in antioxidants and vitamins C, A, E, and B-complex. If you don't have a lot of time to research recipes or what food groups you should be focusing on, look no more.

Most of us enjoy our quick fix meals and fast food has become a staple in our diets but these foods can also cause more harm than good. Remember that phrase "you are what you eat", well its true. High processed foods contain different chemicals that can cause bacteria growing molecules and acne will feed off of them. When we were kids, we were told to eat our vegetables. We should have listened. Foods that fight acne are those vegetables such as: carrots, tomatoes, kiwi fruits, peas, leafy greens (high in antioxidants). These foods help to enhance the molecules in our skin to help keeps its elasticity, and also help from the damaging rays of the sun. They also help prevent those acne break out that most of us despise.

Instead of eating that fried chicken you've become a huge fan of, try baking the chicken with whole grain bread crumbs with seasoning. Grilling your meats and vegetables can also enhance the flavor and you don't lose as much of the nutrients as you would in canned or frozen vegetables. Remember, acne needs to be treated on the skin with skin care systems and it also needs to be confronted under the skin. This is why it’s important to know the foods that fight acne.

Your menu could look something like this:

Breakfast- whole grain cereal

Snack- cottage cheese

Lunch-grilled chicken breast with steamed green beans with garlic


Dinner-grilled tuna with sage butter dressing and grilled zucchini slices

This is just an example to demonstrate that eating foods that fight acne are not going to be foods that you aren't familiar with. This doesn't mean that you have to completely change your diet. Knowing what foods are good and what foods could possibly contribute to an acne break out are important. There is no concrete evidence as to what exact foods cause acne. I believe we need to focus on the foods that are high in vitamins that will help build our skin. Remember, we want to treat the foundation above and below. One fact I do want to mention is sugar and caffeine. If you can cut your intake on both of these, it will greatly improve your skin and overall health. Eating healthy will promote clear skin and an overall healthy lifestyle. Our skin is our face to the world!