Looking or thinking about getting a new HD camcorder and just not sure what you want or what is best? Well, the Flip Video HD camcorder is definitely one of the most popular and popular with good reason. So what makes it so special or better than the other many HD video cameras out on the market today? Lets take a look at the greatest things the Flip Video HD has to offer.

HD Quality - The Flip Video HD packs the HD punch that every camcorder these days should. If you are looking to buy a camcorder period, make super sure it is HD or you are basically buying something that is already older technology and out of date. The Flip camcorder offers 720p quality so that you're videos look very clear.

Image Stabilization - This is a huge plus because you don't have to worry as much about keeping your hand steady while recording video. Image stabilization counters the shaky hand movements to make your recorded clips look much more stable.

60 FPS - It records at an amazing 60 FPS (Frames Per Second). What this means is your video will have less lag and can basically process/think faster when it is capturing video. Most cameras have 30 FPS so it doubles in that area. Ever used a cam that when you move it while recording it seems to be a half a second behind when pointing at something? Well you don't have to worry about that with this one.

Battery Life and Backup - The rechargeable internal battery will last plenty long enough for normal everyday stop and shoot recording. The battery will last over 2 hours, but if that isn't enough it has an extra backup slot where you can put triple A batteries.

Internal Video Storage Space - They make different Flip Video HD camcorders that will hold different amounts of hours of video footage. The 8GB Flip Video UltraHD is recommended because it can record up to 2 hours of video before you would have to delete or transfer your videos to a computer. No memory cards to keep up with. All storage is on an internal hard-drive.

USB Arm - No more separate USB cables that you have to buy or keep up with. The Flip Video HD already has an attachment to solve this problem. You just flip the USB arm out from the camera and plug it in to any computer or laptop that has a regular USB port. So pretty much, flip it out and plug it in. Is that not simple enough?

HDMI Port- Got an HDTV and want to watch your recorded clips right away? You can plug the Flip Video HD directly to your HDTV for quick viewing with the HDMI port made on the camcorder

Flip Share Software - Super user friendly software to transfer and edit your videos! The software comes with the camcorder. Just install it and when you plug in the Flip using the USB Arm you can transfer your videos straight to your pc/laptop.

Simplicity and Convenience - Ok, the best for last. The number 1 greatest thing about this video camera is it is the easiest to use and designed for convenience. All the buttons are on one side and there are only a few: record button, zoom buttons, delete button, and play button. That's it! And it is so small! You can easily just put it in your pocket and off you go without having to worry about some case to carry it in. This is absolutely my favorite thing about the Flip Video Camera and probably why it is so so popular to so so many. No scratching your head or digging out the manual for this bad boy!