The answer to "should you buy it?" all depends on the type of person you are when it comes to the Flip Video Camera. It is the perfect little HD camcorder for most, but there is definitely some it will not satisfy. As does every product right? By the end of this reading you will know exactly whether or not this camera will fit for you.

First, a little history and what you definitely should not do. Make super sure you do not buy the older flip camcorder. To put it plainly, it sucks compared to the newest 3rd gen UltraHD. The older Flip did not have image stabilization (integrated technology that compensates for shaky video) which is a huge flaw. You want crisp, good looking videos right? Well, if you are going to buy this camcorder make sure you get the newest model because it basically improved and fixed all the faults of the former. Now, lets get on with the features of the newest Flip Video Camera.

Image Stabilization - Since we just touched on this issue, we will go ahead and get the issue out of the way. Yes! It has it as should all video cameras these days. You don't have to worry about keeping your hand steady as much because the Flip will automatically adjust/predict when there is too much camera movement so that your video does not look distorted or shaky.

Overall Design and Simplicity - When writing Flip Video Camera Reviews this is a subject that has to always be covered because it is what makes the Flip Video Camera so great. To put it simply a monkey could probably use this thing. It has the record button, zoom buttons, delete button, and play button all on one side of the camcorder all within one thumb's reach of one another. That's it! No unknown buttons that make you think "what does that do?" It is self explanatory.

Now, this also might be where it loses a few customers because some, of course, want lots and lots of features and buttons and ways to change settings etc. This camcorder is not that! It is made for simplicity as is the design and size so that you can basically put it in your pocket and have it with you on the go always. Normally, the more high tech camera are what? Bigger! In my opinion, that sucks because I don't want to carry around an extra bag. I can slide the Flip Video Camera right in my pocket and forget about it until I need it for that crazy moment where I'm like "Oh I wanna record that! and Oh! it is in my pocket!"

HD Quality - Now, this brings me to the pocket thing. You may ask "Why not just use a cell phone then to record videos since you normally have it with you anyway?" Well, I can agree with you if you don't care what quality your video looks like, but if you want awesome high quality videos then this is where this camcorder takes away the spot of your video recording feature on your cell phone. I have an Iphone myself and I have to admit the video quality on it is not bad until I used a Flip! I noticed the HD quality that I was missing out on in my videos. It is kinda like a "once you try it you never go back" kinda thing. Just like HD TV. I never thought I wanted it until I saw how much better it was.

Anyway, those are the main few points that make the Flip Video Camera so great. Now there are many Flip Video Camera Reviews that you will find that will just cover the basics, specs, and all the features and I encourage you to read them especially if you are looking to buy. I just wanted to explain what makes this such a great camcorder for most and not for some.

It may not be so great for the super tech savvy person who wants a zillion features, but hey, you can't satisfy both types of these consumers. You have to go simple/user friendly or difficult and tons of features that you have to keep going back to the manual to find out what all it can do. Well, the Flip you would never have to pull out the manual to get all the use the normal joe would want out of it. It is convenient, simple, and powerful.