Ever wanted that perfect camcorder that is super easy to use, but also delivers the power and quality videos that you yearn for at the same time? The Flip HD Camera answers this call. It has the ease of use and power for any video camera shopper whether you ever used a camcorder or not. It is just plain simple.

When I bought the camcorder, opened the box, and got it out my first words were “simple enough”. Then, when I turned it on and got to using it and recorded my first video my words were “wow, impressive”. And that is what the Flip HD Camera is in a nutshell, simple and impressive. Here is why:

Usability is about as easy as you can get on a camcorder. It fits in your hand easily and the buttons are pretty self explanatory. You got a red button that records, two buttons on the opposite sides of each other that zooms , a play button that plays your recorded clip, and a trash button to delete recorded clips. Yup, that’s it.

The impressiveness comes when you actually watch your vids. It records at 720p quality which is HD (high definition). It has image stabilization integrated into the camcorder to accommodate for your shaky hand or tilting movements and makes your videos even more crisp and clear. It also records at 60 fps compared to alot of other camcorders that only do at 30 fps. What I am about to say has nothing to do with the video quality, but it belongs in the impressed area. The USB arm I truly dig. You do not have to have some special USB cable to hook it up to your laptop. It has a USB hookup already attached to the actual Flip HD Camera so you can easily plug it right in to your laptop or desktop to transfer or edit your videos. Now that is what I call sweet convenience.

The Flip HD Camera will last a good while (few hours) on the integrated rechargeable battery and it has an extra back-up slot for triple A batteries in case the battery inside went dead and you needed a back-up. It has 8gb of space which equals to about 2 hours of video you can record on it at one time and it comes with Flipshare software to edit your videos on your PC.

To summarize, there are many Flip Video Camera Reviews that will go in to detail about the features and specs and compare it to other cameras like a mathematical formula to show you exactly which is better in certain areas etc. It might be true that there are better camcorders out there when it comes to terms in more features, but I guarantee there is not a better camcorder when it comes to having great quality while also being super, super easy to use.