Face Scrubs: Rough and Tough to Get off the Dead Stuff

Beauty aisles are filled with countless products, enough to make your head swim. Toners, cleansers, moisturizers and lotions fill the shelves from top to bottom. One of the most popular and enduring products is the facial scrub, but what are they and what do they do?

A scrub contains nutshells, pellets or other materials that will scrub away the dead skin and debris found on the face, but because they are a little rougher, they should not be used on sensitive skin, or by those suffering from an acne breakout. They should also not be used more than twice a week, with several days in between each use.

Scrubs can be found in several formulations, or if you have a mind to do so, you can make your own. As with any product, make sure that none of the ingredients are irritants to you, follow the directions carefully and discontinue use if there are any signs of redness or discomfort. You should keep these warnings in mind when you make your own facial scrubs at home as well, and remember: just because it is safe to eat, does not make it safe to put onto your skin!

Some of the most popular facial scrub ingredients are: honey, which is excellent both as an antiseptic and as a moisturizer and nuts or their shells, which provide the rough texture common to the best scrubs. Again, make sure that you are aware of any allergens before trying a product, especially in the case of nuts.

Apply the facial scrub to a gently washed face, working it into the skin with a gentle, circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and then pat dry. The skin might tingle slightly, but this should be in no way unpleasant, if it is, discontinue use of the facial scrubs. A slight amount of redness is normal as well, but again, no more than a slight amount.

If you would prefer to make your own facial scrub, start with a base, then add a bit of texture and then if you would like, a little bit of extras for a spa feeling touch. No matter what you use, make sure that you avoid the eye area and do not overdo it.

Bonus recipes:

Mix ¾ cup of the old fashioned oatmeal into one or two tablespoons of plain yogurt and then apply to the face. Rinse well, and then pat dry.

Split a couple of larger grapes, remove the seeds and then rub over the face, leaving on for ten minutes and then rinsing well.