Eternity Rings – Ideas And Help

Eternity rings traditionally consist of a simple band, similar to a wedding ring, but with one big difference; they are set with a continuous row of diamonds, typically of small size and in a brilliant cut. If you’re concerned about the style (or even the budget for your design) of your eternity ring, there's no need to worry. Today eternity ring designs cover a whole range of looks so you can be sure to find something that really suits you!

Did you know that the original design concept for eternity rings actually came from the New York jeweller De Beers? It is believed that the famous jeweller began an agreement in the 1960s with the Soviet Union which left the company with a large supply of small uncut diamonds and a need create a design to incorporate them! As a result De Beers launched a series of campaigns aimed to promote this new type of ring with incredible slogans like 'She married you for richer or poorer. Let her know how it's going'! Today eternity rings are little bit more sentimental, and are given to represent eternal devotion to a partner and a maturing of your relationship together.

One of the big questions we regularly get asked where I work is of course; when should I give her an eternity ring? Eternity rings are usually given as a romantic gesture as a promise to your loved one to grow old together and to remain devoted to one another.

One of the most popular times for eternity rings to be given is of course as part of a celebration for a wedding anniversary. You could treat her to one to celebrate your 1st anniversary, or maybe one of the other 'big ones'! In fact you could even incorporate one of the traditional wedding anniversary gift elements into your design e.g. Silver for your 25th, Ruby for your 40th, gold for your 50th, diamonds for your 60th, sapphire for your 65th, or even Platinum for your 70th!

You could even give an eternity ring to celebrate the birth of your children. Traditionally mother's are given a gift from their husbands after the birth of a child... so maybe this could be the right option for you?! This is a popular choice, and you can even have a design that incorporates something a little bit personal like the birthstone or astrological gemstone of your baby or even have their name engraved on the ring!

Eternity rings are also a popular option for the renewal of vows. Recommitment ceremonies have become a popular event in modern day. So if you don't fancy re-giving her a wedding ring you could always go the eternity ring option! But if these ideas still don’t appeal to you, you could even give one to celebrate Valentine's Day if you like!

Just remember if you're a bit nervous about the right time there's no need. The lovely thing about eternity rings is that unlike other pieces of jewellery such as engagement rings or wedding rings you can have an eternity ring commissioned to celebrate your married life as it stands. Although most eternity rings are given to celebrate a specific event there is no specific time when they are given… so don't worry there's no need to wait… you could give one to simply say how much you love her! There aren't any rules… so ultimately the choice is yours!