Dealing With Oily Skin: When Slipping Off of Your Satin Sheets Just Ain’t Sexy

Our skin makes a certain amount of oil to protect itself. This oil is for the most part worn away, wiped away or washed away throughout the day and is no big deal. Then there is the overachieving skin that churns out enough oil to fill a million lamps and causes breakouts, shine and embarrassment to its owner.

You do not want to get rid of all of your skin’s oil (as if you even could), but you do want to limit some of what you have. After all, no one wants to wake up each morning to find a greasy face print on the pillowcase! Some tips to deal with your oily skin:

1. Blot it away. There are several products that you can use to do this with, but the best and cheapest is an ordinary baby wipe. Yes, the ones you use to clean baby’s bottom with. Pop one out of the tub, whisk away the excess oil and get a refreshing mini wash that is gentle to your skin at the same time. There are also oil-blotting cloths, usually located in the health and beauty aid aisle of your favorite shop.

2. Do not add more oil. This may sound stupid, but many people do not really read the labels that are on their makeup. Choosing the wrong makeup type will only exacerbate the condition- switch to the water based types and always thoroughly remove it at night to prevent pore blockage and acne.

3. Follow the advice of your dermatologist. Some doctors will prescribe limiting oil production by using benzoyl peroxide, and washing your face with a mild solution of Ivory liquid dish soap. Others will recommend a glycerin soap product followed by an aloe vera rinse. The point is this: your skin is individual, and only you and your dermatologist can know what is best for you.

4. Use a scrub. There are many good quality scrubs available or you can make your own if you choose, for example, a good one to try it a mix of almond meal (grind almonds with a small amount of water) and honey. Gently massage this onto your skin in a circular pattern, then rinse thoroughly. (Do not use a scrub of any kind if you are in the middle of a breakout or if you have excessively sensitive skin.)

5. Use a clay mask. Again you can purchase a pre-made facial mask or make your own, and as always do not apply to broken or damaged skin.

6. Do not fuss with your face, and use your hands free set when on the phone. Although it should be common sense not to do so, touching your face will only make it worse and can spread the oil around even farther. Cradling the phone on your face is a no no too, so use a headset whenever possible and wipe the phone down frequently.